Inside sales software that improves your workflow

A CRM for inside sales

Inside sales is a popular model for B2B tech and SaaS companies – especially for those selling high ticket items. It relies on the sales person communicating by phone and email to build a relationship with prospects and solve their business problems.

OnePageCRM is a SaaS based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which is ideal for helping your inside sales team work together. Team members can simply log into their account and collaborate with each other, bringing your prospects through your sales funnel.

Streamline your inside sales workflow

Leads that come into the CRM using inbound marketing are typically somewhat qualified. Once they land in your Action Stream, your SDRs can begin with an initial discovery call or email and work through your sales process.

The technical nature of these products/services means you may need to involve a number of other people from your company to complete the sale. So after your SDR qualifies your prospect, they can assign a technical engineer to do a product demo before the account manager tries to close the sale.

3 benefits of using OnePageCRM for inside sales:

  • ✔ Assign Next Actions: Team members can assign Next Actions to each other for each stage of the sales process. Assignees receive an email notification detailing the action for the prospect.
  • ✔ Structured sales process: Status labels help to move prospects through each step of the process so team managers can quickly see how many leads are at each step and monitor how long they spend there before moving to the next.
  • ✔ Activity logging: Each action or call with a contact is logged in their timeline so your reps have a birds eye view of the account at a glance.

How OnePageCRM can help you manage your inside sales team

OnePageCRM is ideal for managing your sales workflow. With a simple, and intuitive design, the CRM system is as easy to use as email, so it does not get in the way of your team’s productivity.

Completing a Next Action at each step and logging it in your CRM ensures that you and your inside sales team will not drop the ball as you move contacts through your sales funnel.

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