Win more deals with Collaboration and Closed-loop sales

One-to-one sales are easy to keep track of, but where there’s a team of you guys trying to sell to multiple people on the client side, then things can get a little hairy.

We make it easy for your sales team to collaborate; delegating and sharing actions, notifying others when important notes are stored. Making sure you handle clients professionally, to ultimately win more deals.

Assign Actions to Team Members

Benefits of Collaboration in Sales Teams

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200 sales staff keeping everyone in the loop will make you look super-organized and gain the trust of your prospects.
Having the full picture of the interaction and progress of prospects through your sales pipeline means you can scale with ease, take on more clients than ever before and still make them all feel like their getting your full attention.

OnePageCRM Full Picture of each Contact Get Email Notifications

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