Quote Roller and OnePageCRM

Quote Roller + OnePageCRM


Streamline your sales process and proposals with a Quote Roller and OnePageCRM integration


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    Quote Roller provides smart document automation for sales:
  • Build quality documents for customized quotes, proposals, contracts etc
  • Workflow automation refines processes to keep consistency across a team
  • Built-in analytics to refine proposals, showing sections customers spend most time on
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    OnePageCRM is a simple and effective sales CRM solution:
  • Focus only on the next action to move a sale forward
  • Collaborate to keep your team in the loop with task assignment and notifications
  • Connect your sales process in the cloud with apps for lead gen, communication and invoicing
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How the integration works

Quote Roller and OnePageCRM How it works

  • Integration: Quickly set up integration with Quote Roller to link contacts with proposals
  • Quoting: Select icon under deals section in to create quote in Quote Roller account
  • Send Quote: Generate and send quote, data is stored and can be viewed in OnePageCRM

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