First Aid for Sales Management

When: October 16, 2018
Where: WeWork, London
Who: STS First Aid
Miles travelled: 1,892
Track of the Day: The Lion’s Roar – First Aid Kit

WeWork, the co-working space that I was inhabiting for a day in London, has one very important feature. Aside from being handy for working on the road, it enables continuous learning and exchange of ideas. It was only fitting that I met with Dave Simpson from STS First Aid here.

STS First Aid is an established company that has been providing London businesses with professional courses in First Aid and Health and Safety for the last 30 years. While they work with industry giants and have courses booked for every week, they retain a very personal feel of a family-run business.

The Art of Teaching

Dave doesn’t only run the company — he is a trainer himself. It doesn’t come as a surprise, Dave seems like a natural teacher. He told me that back in Colorado he used to coach soccer. He played it as well, but it is the teaching, sharing of knowledge and experience that he enjoys most. In that regard, the business suits him perfectly. Every day, he gets a chance to teach people the vital skills that might someday help save a life.  

It got me thinking — what makes one a good teacher? It’s quite clear that you can’t be short-tempered and need to have a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of patience. You have to know your subject from top to bottom and master a good bit of crowd-control. But what else?

The best teachers are passionate about their subject. In fact, they are so enthusiastic about it that it becomes contagious and infects their students.

Good teachers have a problem-solving approach to failure. They are not afraid of it but treat it as a challenge and an opportunity to improve what they’re doing.  

And finally, I think, great teachers have the ability to break down the complexity. They can explain their subject, no matter how difficult, in a simple manner and tailor it to the student’s level.

When you think about it, the same qualities apply to a good sales manager…or a business owner.

Staying Flexible

When it comes to efficient sales management, there is no one-size-fits-all. Every business is different and finding a tailored solution that fits their needs is a good challenge. In the case of STS First Aid, I had to come up with a solution to their problem of logging customer courses. To do that, I had to understand the company’s process in detail and it worked. It was a great learning opportunity and it was the flexibility of the system which made it possible.

The key to staying flexible is a good imagination. Our great support team always find (and invent) the best ways for our clients to get the most of our system and become more efficient.

It is both a learning and a teaching process.

Thank you, Dave, for a great meeting! Now, I’m looking forward to taking a refresher First Aid course of my own.



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