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CEO Tour: Walking in our Customers Shoes


OnePageCRM around the UK

Michael FitzGerald, Founder and CEO of OnePageCRM, set off on a month-long road trip to deliver a bold message to small businesses: “Now, more than ever, it’s time for small business in the UK to think global”.
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The Why and The How

On the road to understanding customer needs

In 2018, Michael covered the length and breadth of the UK. A serial entrepreneur and natural sales and productivity master, Michael was sharing the principles he lives and works by. In return, he looked for an opportunity to learn from every customer he connected with along the route.

The trip included stops with customers and guest speaker slots at select business events. At each planned destination, Michael sat down beside the key people to learn what drives them, what forms their sales process, and what gets in the way.

Twitter hashtags: #RoundUKwithaWhiteboard and #ceotour
Timeline: September – October 2018
The Why and The How
ceo tour customer visits

One CEO, a MotorHome, and His Whiteboard

Hear directly from Michael about how and why the CEO tour came to life.

All about dialogue

Opening up the

With this CEO Tour, we wanted to challenge the modus operandi of small business and introduce a different, global way of thinking in light of the uncertain times ahead.

We aimed to build trust, understanding, and a sense of a shared mission with everyone Michael met along the way – all of which are critical elements towards building a strong UK and Ireland.
All about dialogue
In line with the OnePageCRM Power of Action Program, Michael was also connecting with select programs along the route in a bid to boost one of the most deserving sectors of small business — charities.
How we support non-profits

Focus on action

Sharing the OnePageCRM message

Michael has always been involved in the community projects and naturally drawn to getting a group of people together that can actually share and help each other.

During the CEO Tour, besides visiting our UK customers, Michael also spoke at different events to deliver the powerful message behind OnePageCRM’s unique functionality: “Action drives results”.

As a serial entrepreneur, he also shared his experience on how small businesses can grow sales in the most efficient way. Our story more

CEO Tour Wrap

After the CEO Tour, we learned a lot about challenges of small businesses across different industries. During his visits, Michael tried to understand the unique journey of each company and then summarized 21 lessons learnt from real-life business stories.

ceo tour customer visits
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