The CEO tour background

One CEO, a MotorHome, His Whiteboard, and a Whole Lot of Courage

No matter what industry you work in, meeting face-to-face is still the most effective way to capture attention, engage in conversation, and drive productive collaboration – and what better way to do this than by arriving right on your doorstep in a motorhome?

With the CEO Tour, I want to challenge the modus operandi of small business and introduce a different, global way of thinking in light of the uncertain times ahead. I want to build trust, understanding, and a sense of a shared mission with all those I meet along the way – all of which are critical elements towards building a strong UK and Ireland.

Join me as I travel across the UK championing the SME, meeting OnePageCRM customers, charities, and politicians, and shaking up small business.


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Tour Team

Andrea Manning
Tour PR and Media

Rekindling her London roots. Looking after all things media.

Get in touch if you’d like to set up any interviews, media opportunities and if you want your visit featured in the press.

Evelyn O Donnell
Tour Manager and Marketing

Chief Tweeter and Master co-ordinator of customer visits and planning the route.

Get in touch if you want to be a part of the CEO Tour and set up a visit or tweet us using the hashtag #roundukwithawhiteboard

Carmel Granahan
Customer Success

Relationship builder, problem solver and voice of the customer in OnePageCRM.

Send your questions, log any support queries or get in touch to give us your feedback, we love to hear from you.