Top 3 sharing apps: Best solutions for small business

As an internet business ourselves, we rely on various apps to help us communicate, store and use data and ultimately get things done. Here are our top picks for apps that help you store and share data, collaborate and work anywhere.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is the ultimate tool in cloud storage. It places a folder on your computer which you simply drag files into. Once completed, the files are automatically uploaded to the Dropbox website. Where Dropbox comes in handy is in its public folders, allowing you to effortlessly share documents and more between you and your colleagues and have it all sync into the cloud. In addition, version history ensures you can always go back and retrieve something you’ve deleted. Sharing documents, images and videos in Dropbox is key to collaborating on items, projects and more, and with pricing starting from free, there’s no reason not to try it out.

2. Google Drive

Drive is another cloud storage system that works like Dropbox but has one stand out feature, online document editing. On the Drive website, items such as documents, presentations, excel and more can be edited in real time by multiple users, this post was actually created in Google Drive! It enables fast data sharing and collaboration with team members. Google also provide a host of other apps for businesses when using Google Drive/Apps such as Google+, Gmail, Calendar, Sites and a lot more.

3. Chrome

Another entry by Google is its browser. Chrome’s brilliance is it’s syncing function. Using sync you can have all your history, bookmarks, extensions and log-in details synced to whatever computer you’re using or your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Very handy when working from home or anywhere. It’s extremely convenient, fast and with its extensions for a host of apps, Chrome is a great browser.

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