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Communication & Marketing

Streamline business communication

Skype your contacts in just one click and log the call details that can help your team move the sale forward!

skype crm integration
skype crm integration
click-to-call solution

Enhance the way you handle calls

  • Skype straight from OnePageCRM when clicking on any phone number.
  • Your lead sounded interested? Keep the momentum going by sending a quote in 37 seconds.
  • Log important call details and notify your team.
skype crm integration

See how it works

Have a look at how Skype and other calling apps work with OnePageCRM.
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Not sure if you need Skype CRM integration?
Here are reasons why small businesses need click-to-call solutions and their five must-have features.

Integrate Skype with an action-focused CRM

OnePageCRM is the only action-focused CRM in the world. Built for small businesses, it transforms your client database into a simple to-do list (we call it Action Stream).
Set follow-up reminders next to contacts.
See a prioritized list of tasks for today.
Stay motivated with the Target Widget.
Keep all client info on one scrollable page.
crm with reminders

Built an integration with OnePageCRM?

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Connect Skype to your CRM

Discover the full potential of our simple CRM by integrating it with Skype or other click-to-call apps. Keeping in touch with clients and growing sales have never been easier.
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Skype CRM Integration

  • Why do small businesses need Skype CRM integration?

    This CRM integration allows users to make low cost calls to contacts straight from the app. Meaning, you can be moving sales forward easier than ever and at a much cheaper rate than landlines or mobile phones.
  • How do I skype my contacts directly from CRM?

    Simply by clicking on the Skype logo beside a contact’s number, you can call the contact.

    IMPORTANT: Skype requires using ‘+‘ or ‘00′ and international code. We allow you to add and save this just before you call.
  • Why choose OnePageCRM Skype integration?

    Once the call has been made, remember to add a call note of what has been discussed and a Next Action to ensure you follow-up.

    You can also speed up your workflow with OnePageCRM. For example, by setting up the following Autoflow: once a call note added to a contact, send them a thank you email.