Author: Gosia FitzGerald

OnePage CRM integrates with Cisco Jabber

          Cisco Jabber is a communication tool for instant messaging (IM), voice/video calls, desktop sharing, and conferencing in one service. It enhances team collaboration, productivity and speeds up business processes. You can now initiate a call via Cisco Jabber by clicking the Jabber icon beside a contact’s phone number on their… Read More

Application Integrations

5 tactics for efficient Lead Qualification

Lead qualification relates to evaluating the readiness, willingness and ability of a lead to become a customer. By applying proper qualification, leads that have the most chance of success are focused on, ensuring that your salesperson’s time is best spent and sales should rise as a result.

Lead Capture

Streamlining UX in the contact profile

We’ve introduced a whole host of user experience improvements to OnePage; including a data-rich activity timeline on each contact, improved deals and custom fields. These updates have reduced the number of clicks in everyday usage, making OnePage even more intuitive and pushing ever closer to zero-admin sales. 1. See all contact’s interactions in a new… Read More


Integrate OnePageCRM with Wufoo web forms

Linking online web forms to your CRM makes total sense when you can keep all captured leads in one place for further nurturing and conversion! And thanks to the latest Wufoo and OnePageCRM integration, you can now push all leads directly to the CRM. No more manual data entry, meaning you can concentrate on more… Read More


OnePageCRM supports DSPCA

The Dublin SPCA, founded in 1840, is a not for profit, charitable organisation that is dedicated to the promotion of animal welfare and the protection and rehabilitation of sick, abused or neglected animals. We are delighted to be able to help such a worthy organisation continue getting fundraising and go from strength to strength through… Read More

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