5 simple lead generation tactics that will get you more traffic

Somewhere over the past five to ten years, the curve shifted, the lead generation process has changed. Instead of the focusing on finding customers, businesses must now focus on being found.  What is a lead? Let’s start with the basics. A lead is anyone who has actively shown interest in your company’s product or services. Your highest converting leads will be those who engage with you, before you’ve even realised they’re on your radar. What […]

OnePage CRM integrates with Cisco Jabber

          Cisco Jabber is a communication tool for instant messaging (IM), voice/video calls, desktop sharing, and conferencing in one service. It enhances team collaboration, productivity and speeds up business processes. You can now initiate a call via Cisco Jabber by clicking the Jabber icon beside a contact’s phone number on their profile. Check our help site on how to enable Cisco Jabber on your account.
Lead qualification header banner

5 tactics for efficient Lead Qualification

Lead qualification relates to evaluating the readiness, willingness and ability of a lead to become a customer. By applying proper qualification, leads that have the most chance of success are focused on, ensuring that your salesperson’s time is best spent and sales should rise as a result.

4 steps to migrate contacts from Salesforce to OnePage CRM

Data migration between CRM systems one of the most difficult technical task that you need to face at a ‘getting started’ stage. The key to success is to bring your data to a new tool as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Thanks to FoxWeave you can now migrate your Salesforce contacts* to OnePage CRM which takes a few minutes to set up and execute. FoxWeave is a cloud-based data integration platform enabling you to migrate […]