Make a great first impression with Google Translate & OnePageCRM

Anybody in sales will tell you about the importance of creating a good first impression. It’s vital in developing customer relationships and converting leads to sales. One important tool in creating a positive first impression, whether you are meeting a client in person or calling them by phone, is using their first name and very importantly, pronouncing it correctly. We all know that this is not always easy. On a daily basis in OnePageCRM we […]
Getting your LinkedIn contacts into OnePageCRM in bulk

How to export your LinkedIn contacts to a spreadsheet and import them into OnePageCRM

1. Exporting your contacts from LinkedIn to OnePageCRM LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for identifying opportunities. Many of you who have been using LinkedIn for years or even months will have hundreds of connections. You most likely have spent a lot of valuable time connecting with these contacts and now you would love to add them into OnePageCRM in bulk. LinkedIn don’t make a song and dance about their feature allowing you to export your connections to a […]

Integrate OnePageCRM with Evernote

Organization is key in business today, from jotting down notes after a brainstorming session to planning a large project. It’s important to keep a record! Introducing our latest integration with Evernote, to help you do exactly that! Evernote is one of the most popular organizational tools on the market. Use it for taking minutes at meetings, projects, brainstorming sessions, and to-do lists. It allows simple note indexing, tagging and grouping in notebooks for an easy search. […]