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What is action-focused CRM? #1 tool for business growth in 2024

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Imagine this: you’re a small business owner in the year 2024, surrounded by AI technology and comprehensive CRM solutions. From customer service bots to data analytics platforms, AI is everywhere.

But amidst this tech revolution, something feels missing.

It’s the human touch.

Despite AI dominance, human-to-human connections are more important than ever.

With an action-focused CRM, you can connect with customers on a more personal level, standing out from the crowd.

What is an action-focused CRM?

An action-focused CRM is a simple contact management tool that allows users to assign time-sensitive reminders or tasks to every contact in their database. Besides the traditional A-to-Z index, every action-focused CRM has an interactive Action Stream where all contacts are sorted by the due date of these reminders.

Action-focused CRMs encourage users to take action and treat every contact as a business asset. It is a combination of a contact database and a productivity tool.

This unique approach has made action-focused CRMs particularly popular among small businesses aiming for growth.

Top 5 reasons small business choose action-focused CRM

Many small business owners are wondering: “Do I really need a CRM?

Let’s dive into what makes an action-focused CRM the go-to choice for small businesses.

We’ll break down the top 5 reasons, each contributing to their growth and success.

1. Winning over more clients

Ever had a stack of business cards gathering dust on your desk? We’ve all been there.

An action-focused CRM is like your diligent personal assistant, reminding you to reach out to every new contact you’ve made. This means you won’t miss out on potential clients or let opportunities slip through the cracks. You’re turning those forgotten business cards into fruitful business relationships.

2. Ensuring client retention

Client retention is a marathon, not a sprint.

An action-focused CRM ensures you stay on track by sending you regular reminders for check-in calls or emails. After delivering a service, you can set reminders to touch base with your clients at specific intervals. This keeps the relationship warm and might open doors to repeat business. In other words, an action-focused CRM helps you add the human element to your communication.

3. Eliminating the need for extra tools

An action-focused CRM is a single source of truth for your business. It integrates with tools you’re already using, feeding all important data into one central hub.

Every client’s contact page becomes a comprehensive profile, a treasure trove of information from past email threads, invoices, sales deals, upcoming tasks, and more.

You’re not just managing a database, you’re nurturing client relationships.

In OnePageCRM, all contact information is stored in one place

4. Keeping it simple

An action-focused CRM isn’t about bells and whistles at all, it’s very simple.

Small businesses often talk about its simplicity, likening it to using a tool that requires no manual. Perfect for anyone who wants to hit the ground running with their customer database, or those with limited resources who want to avoid the nightmare of figuring out a complex system.

5. Fostering proactivity and growth mindset

Last, but definitely not least, an action-focused CRM instills a proactive business approach. It’s built for people who take action and don’t like to sit still.

It’s like having a motivational coach in your corner, nudging you to make the most out of every business relationship. This proactive approach to follow-ups pays off in the long run, turning a small business into a thriving, growth-oriented company.

Why is there a need for action-focused CRMs?

There are at least three reasons for the emergence of an action-focused CRM:

  • traditional CRM systems can slow down your business growth,
  • businesses are now data-active, not data-driven,
  • client relationships are turning into a business asset.

Traditional CRM systems can slow down business growth

Ever been to an all-you-can-eat buffet and ended up with more on your plate than you can handle? The traditional CRM systems (referred to as admin-focused) are like that overwhelming buffet.

They’re expertly catered for large enterprises, offering an array of features that dazzles but also confuses. You find yourself stuck in a labyrinth of functionalities, training manuals, and rising costs.

All these features, while beneficial for a large corporation, can become a stumbling block for a small business. You end up spending more time trying to navigate complex systems and figuring out how to optimize them rather than actually growing your business.

crm types for different businesses
What is the best CRM for a small business?

Businesses are now data-active, not data-driven

Traditional CRM systems lay emphasis on storing and automating data. However, let’s step back and think about this—is data just a commodity to be hoarded?

Gone are the days when businesses were merely data-driven. In today’s fast-paced, hyper-dynamic world, simply collecting and storing data is akin to hoarding gold yet living like a pauper. It’s not just about having data anymore, it’s about what you do with it.

Therefore, businesses are no longer just data-driven, they are data-active. This means they don’t just gather and store data, they analyze it, understand it, and most importantly, put it into action. They are proactive rather than reactive, always one step ahead of the game.

And this is where action-focused CRMs come in. They don’t just present you with data, they nudge you to take action based on that data, setting new standards for business growth and efficiency.

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Relationships become an intangible asset

An action-focused CRM offers a fresh approach to running a business. Imagine having an intuitive system that offers just the right amount of features to cater to your business needs, eliminating cognitive overload. It’s like having a minimalistic wardrobe—only owning the essentials that make you feel and perform your best.

But what truly sets action-focused CRMs apart is not just this simplicity. It’s the shift in mindset. No longer are your most valuable assets merely numbers on a balance sheet. Instead, they are the relationships you build with your clients.

Can you imagine the transformation this brings? It’s like changing from a heavyweight, feature-loaded backpack to a lightweight, all-essential sling bag. You feel lighter, faster, and more ready to take on the world. It’s not just a tool; it’s a way of conducting business—a way that definitely fosters growth and proactivity.

Focus on building relationships

An action-focused CRM simplifies the process of nurturing and building customer relations, seamlessly integrating into your existing ecosystem. It puts relationships into the spotlight and acts as a relationship-building tool, guiding you to make the most of every customer interaction.

An action-focused CRM can transform your small business into a growth-oriented company that thrives on long-term and meaningful connections.

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