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Capture Leads on the Go with OnePageCRM Business Card Scanner

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Let’s start off with a simple truth—mobile is good for your sales. 

55% of SMBs say that mobile sales tools give them a clear advantage over other companies. And according to a survey by MHI Global, salespeople (90% of them, to be precise) mentioned that having an opportunity to do their sales on mobile increased their productivity and allowed them to focus on building client relationships rather than searching for information. 

Having a mobile CRM to help you drive sales is even better. 

A study by Innoppl Technologies found that 65% of salespeople whose companies adopted a mobile CRM hit their sales targets as opposed to only 22% of reps from the companies who didn’t. That’s a nearly three-fold increase in sales success!

But if you’re already using our native iOS or Android mobile CRM app, you can most likely vouch for that yourself. (To quote Harvey Specter from Suits, “It’s not bragging, if it’s true.” ;))

And now, we want to enhance your mobile sales experience with super efficient and fast lead capture. Introducing the OnePageCRM Business Card Scanner!

Now, all you need to do to add a lead to your CRM is take a snapshot of their business card. We will automatically recognize their information and add them as a new OnePageCRM contact, ready to be actioned. 

Less admin, more action

Salespeople collect a ton of business cards. Be it from a tradeshow, a big meeting, or just a lucky sales opportunity. How often do these cards end up collecting dust on your desk waiting to be processed or are simply accidentally forgotten at the hotel? 

At OnePageCRM, we believe in actioning every generated lead.

So now, the moment you get that business card, you can take a quick photo and add the lead straight to your CRM. And no wasting time on entering those contact details either—we’ll automatically recognize them and populate the fields. 

OnePageCRM mobile crm scan business card

What’s more, the lead won’t end up lost in your database. You can bring them straight into the sales cycle by assigning a Next Action there and then. This will ensure a timely follow-up and skyrocket the likelihood of a successful sale. 

Kick off the sale there and then

Who said you need to wait until you reach your office to kickstart the sales process

Say, a new prospect just gave you their business card and asked you to send them a quote when you get a chance.  

You can instantly capture the lead with the OnePageCRM Business Card Scanner, set up a deal in just a couple of clicks (using Deal Items can be a great help here), and assign yourself a Next Action for sending the quote the moment you’re back at your desk.

This way, all you need to do once you’re back in the office is hit Email Quote. There’s no time like the present to start closing.   

mobile lead capture next action

Refer to the card photo when you need

The photo of the business card that you took doesn’t just disappear into the ether—it’s safely stored on the contact page. Because you never know when you’ll need to refer to it. 

For example, does it have a really cool design? Well, here’s your conversation starter right there.

mobile lead capture note

And finally: Reduce costs (and go green)

Here are some more stats for you.

An average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year, which costs US companies a whopping $120 billion.

What’s worse, 45% of all printed paper is trashed by the end of the day!

Not the best use of business and natural resources, eh?

So by going paperless (and with the OnePageCRM Business Card Scanner you can scan digital cards too!), you can save time and money.

And, hey, you can make pandas happy too! It’s a win-win.

Panda happy

Have you tried capturing leads with our new Card Scanner?

We want to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts and first impressions in the comments below or tweet us @OnePageCRM.

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