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The CRM you've been looking for

OnePageCRM is the only action-focused CRM in the world. Besides the traditional CRM functionality, it has powerful task management features and follow-up reminders.


What is action-focused CRM all about?

follow up reminders
Bullet-proof reminders
No contact is left behind in this CRM. You can add reminders with due dates to contacts and sort them by urgency. This way, you'll always keep the ball rolling.
simple crm
Unbeatable simplicity
Our customers believe it's the simplest CRM in the world. With our super clean interface, it's easy to prioritize, focus, and automate.
task management
Proactive business approach
Small businesses know: actions speak much louder than words. OnePageCRM helps you put strategy into action and make the most out of your database.
best crm with reminders

Watch this CRM in action

Have a look at how OnePageCRM simplifies follow-ups and supports your growth.

Why small businesses choose OnePageCRM

Most CRM systems are very complex and built for storing information rather than actively managing customer relationships. That’s why an increasing number of small businesses are adopting action-focused CRMs.
Follow-up Reminders

More powerful than a usual CRM

  • Assign tasks and reminders to every contact to actively manage information instead of simply storing it.
  • Stay agile and focused on what needs to be done next with the unique Action Stream feature.
  • Ensure that no contact in your database is forgotten.
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multiple follow up reminders
focus mode
seamless contact management

Simpler than a spreadsheet

  • Avoid all the usual problems of a spreadsheet.
  • Organize your database by contact name, company name or task urgency.
  • Boost your productivity with the Next Action sales principle.
simple functionality

Features that small businesses need

  • Send personalized emails in bulk.
  • Call and text clients and leads straight from within CRM.
  • Attach files to contact to keep everything in one place.
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all client info on one page

  • email

  • Client Profile

  • Saved Actions

What small businesses say about our action-focused CRM

CRM automation
crm automation

Free automation for better workflow

  • Capture contact details from any web page with Lead Clipper.
  • Add new contacts to your CRM in one click. No more copy-paste!
  • Use pre-built sequences of tasks to avoid manual work.
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crm integrations

Integrations with your favorite tools

  • Enable a two-way sync with your email client to keep all business communication in one place.
  • Create invoices straight from within your CRM with Sage and Xero.
  • Connect web forms to your CRM to grow your database quicker.
email integrations

Mobile CRM for small businesses

OnePageCRM works on any platform and any device.
mobile crm
Send and log emails directly from your mobile CRM.
Use voice-to-text notes to save notes in your CRM.
speed dialer
Speed Dialer
Keep top leads at your fingertips with our Speed Dialer.
Starred Contacts
Star your VIP contacts to easily call them straight from your CRM.
personal customer support
top customer service

The best customer support

  • Make the most of OnePageCRM with 5-star customer support.
  • Find answers in the Knowledge Base if you don’t feel like chatting.
  • Choose a communication channel that works best for you: send us a message via online chat, social media, email, or just give us a call.

Connect OnePageCRM to your favorite apps

Our CRM integrates with several apps to make sure that you have everything you need to grow your business.
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Key features of the action-focused CRM

crm with tasks and reminders
Follow-up reminders
Actively manage relationships with clients and stay focused.
contact profile
Simple interface
We keep it simple. No need to pay for hundreds of features you’ll never need.
mobile crm
Multiple mobile apps
Use OnePageCRM’s mobile apps to run your small business on the go.
customer support
Top customer support
We are here to support your business growth and help you make the most of your CRM.
free trial
21-day free trial
No rush and pressure! Enjoy a 21-day free trial without entering your credit card details.
crm integrations
CRM integrations
Connect OnePageCRM with your favorite apps to boost your sales and grow faster.
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The CRM you’ve been looking for

The CRM that makes your follow-up process easy, helps you generate sales, focus on growth, and build long-term business relationships. Simple and action-focused.
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