Simple CRM for effective pipeline management

Build, advance, and close deals in a couple of clicks and manage your Pipeline like a pro.
All with minimum admin and maximum efficiency.

Intuitive deal management

Build deals in a couple of clicks

We keep it simple. Fill in the deal’s name, add a note, and tick a box to add a commission or a multi-month format. We’ll do all the calculations for you!

Advance deals with a simple drag-and-drop

Customize deal stages to fit your process and drag and drop the deals to advance them through the sales pipeline!

Pipeline management that adapts to your business

Kanban or Forecast? No need to choose

Switch between the views in a click. Use the Forecast view to predict your revenue and monitor your team’s performance against the set KPIs. Want a quick overview of your deals’ progress? Just switch to Kanban!

Create and manage multiple pipelines

Do you have several products or services that require different sales processes? Simply create Multiple Pipelines and advance the deals separately.

Kanban and Forecast Pipeline views in OnePageCRM

Close more with less admin

Deal items onepagecrm

Accelerate pipeline management with deal items

Build deals in seconds by pre-saving your most commonly used products and services and then adding them to the deal in a click!

Generate and send sales quotes in seconds

Quickly build and send professionally-looking proposals straight from OnePageCRM. We’ll calculate the totals based on the deal’s details and will automatically insert the quote into a ready-to-send email. It takes just 37 seconds to get from inquiry to quote!

Zoom in on the issues to improve efficiency

Spot bottlenecks with deal velocity

Easily identify and manage bottlenecks in your sales pipeline by viewing the time spent on each deal stage, as well as sorting your Kanban to display the deals that cause the biggest delay.

Record a reason for losing a deal
to win the next one

Learn from your experience by recording and reviewing the most common factors standing in the way of your sales success, so you can adjust your future strategy.

Record reason lost for accurate pipeline management

Pipeline Management with OnePageCRM
Success Stories

Success Local OnePageCRM

Growing a Successful Digital Marketing Agency with OnePageCRM

Paul Trilk from Success Local was looking for a CRM that would help his marketing agency grow and not overcomplicate things.

Here’s how OnePageCRM helped them double their productivity, anchor the business, and take it to the next level!

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Perimiter Real Estate closing sales and scaling up with OnePageCRM

Perimeter Real Estate Scales Up by 50% Using OnePageCRM!

Richard Smith from Perimeter Real Estate needed a CRM to help him stay organized and on top of each follow up.

After only a few months of using OnePageCRM for closing sales, he quadrupled his lead to opportunity conversion and increased his close rate by an impressive 50%. Here’s how he did it.

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Mermaid Vodka improves pipeline management with OnePageCRM

Mermaid Vodka Increases Sales Calls by 75% with OnePageCRM

When starting as the Head of Business Development at Mermaid Vodka, Ed Panas knew he would need a system to help him manage his leads.

He found other CRMs he tried complicated, hard to get started and not flexible enough. OnePageCRM was indeed the opposite. Here’s how as it helped him increase the amount of successful sales calls by 75%.

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