The Secret to Sales?

The secret to sales is not charts and graphs, it is completing sales actions. We focus you 100% on taking action.

Bring your prospects to life!

For too long we have suffered data entry and administration. No more! Just think about the Next Action.

Beautiful User Experience

All of this on a simple and beautiful dashboard. Why would you want it any other way?

Next Action Workflow

Working from a single dashboard, prospects float to
the top of the Action Stream at just the right time!

Built to Sell

Assigning a Next Action to a Contact

The productivity principles of GTD (Getting Things Done) are part of our DNA!
By turning CRM into a simple to-do list, sales staff focus on what drives sales,
not bloated software with ineffective charts and graphs.

Automate and streamline your sales process

Have a standard or predictable sales process? Then you can use our “Pre-defined Sales Actions” to streamline your sales teams workflow and execute sales with ultra efficiency. See how it works below.

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