The Science behind OnePageCRM – applying productivity principles to sales

Productivity is one of the most popular blog posts around. In fact, it has became something of a holy grail for most people. Everyone wants to be productive, and while they generally know how to do it, they end up just focusing really hard on “being productive”, instead of completing tasks with productivity principles in mind.

OnePage CRM in ‘TWiST’ Dublin vs Belfast final

‘This Week in Startups‘ (TWiST) is not only an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs but also an extremely entertaining program hosted by Jason Calacanis. Jason is well known, influential internet entrepreneur, blogger and angel investor. Audience of his show reaches over 200,000 on the night! Tonight, a big battle Dublin vs Belfast in Telefonica-O2 Wayra Office where 18 startups will compete to persuade the judges  that their city excels in tech innovation & ideas. We’re delighted […]

Custom filters, Unified menu & More GTD

OnePage app updates: The much requested Custom filters has been added. This gives real focus on a subset of your contacts when required. See that and more...