Connect your webform with OnePageCRM for effective lead generation

It doesn’t matter if we run a small service company or a large online shop – dealing with potential prospects and preparing them for purchase can often prove time consuming and expensive. We all strive for that ‘pre-evangelized’ lead that comes ready to purchase. This is the hot prospect that knows what your store offers and what they need. Sure, they might have some questions, but they’re already over the line in terms of intent to buy. Question is, how do you evangelize potential prospects when the conversation starts and finishes at your website? Is it possible to identify your potential prospects by name and target them specifically?

Start with basics – Lead Generation

Let’s say you managed to generate traffic to your website. Potential customers visit your homepage, read about products and services, advantages over other products. I am assuming you already have a contact webform on your website. Someone fills it out and submits – but what then?

For most of the cases, you (or someone in the office) receive an email with visitor’s data, have to type it into OnePageCRM, assign new task to selected person, set deadline…ufff – lot’s of things to do, lot’s of stages that may interrupt the whole sales process. And we want to scale our business without additional big costs! It means the whole process should happen in the background, automatically. To solve that problem let’s integrate your submit form with OnePageCRM. This way you (or selected team’s member) will have all client’s data already in CRM system just after web form has been submitted. And you will be surprised how easy it is!

You have at least two choices:

Use Wufoo forms with OnePageCRM

Wufoo is a great app that allows you to create any kind of webform (even payments) without HTML or CSS knowledge – just drag and drop! So that’s the best choice for companies that don’t have submit form yet or don’t have web developer on board to use our API for integration. Once the form is created all you have to do is paste two lines of special code into your website to display selected form. You do it just once – even if you update your web form in the future, you make all the changes within Wufoo and the form on your website will be updated automatically. Finally, with a few clicks, you link that webform to your OnePageCRM account. Click here to learn more about OnePageCRM Wufoo integration.

Connect your webforms through OnePageCRM’s API

If you have a developer onboard and you really love your existing webform you can link one to OnePageCRM using our API – it doesn’t require any additional software or application hence there is no additional cost. The only downside is that even for slightest update you will always need developer‘s for help. To learn more about our API click here.

What then?

Once your submit form is integrated with OnePageCRM all the visitor’s data will be automatically transferred to OnePageCRM just after they submit them. What’s more, they will also be assigned to a selected person with a predefined Next Action and due date (e.g. ASAP). You will also know how many people submitted your form, since all the leads can have a lead source assigned.

You can of course have several webforms live (e.g on special landing pages created for online advertisements and adwords, remarketing sites, social media). Meaning you’ll finally know ROI and conversion rate of each of your marketing actions. If you have any questions regarding described process, get in touch at support@onepagecrm.com.

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