Mailchimp Forms Integration: Boost Your Lead Generation

OnePageCRM and Mailchimp forms integration

How it works

Integrate OnePageCRM and Mailchimp forms for a rocket boost to your lead generation.
Automatically add all the leads collected through the forms to your CRM and action every contact! 

Key benefits

  • Automatically add leads collected through the Mailchimp forms as contacts in OnePageCRM.
  • Each new contact is assigned a Next Action to ensure timely follow-up.
  • Add a status to adjust your sales approach. 
  • Add a lead source and any relevant tags for effective contact management and filtering. 
  • Assign a contact owner so they can receive an instant notification about new submissions. 
  • Double opt-in is enabled for each new submission ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. 

See how you can integrate Mailchimp forms and OnePageCRM.

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