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Automate your lead generation with OnePageCRM

I’ve got a lot of feedback after my last article and it seems you’ve really liked the idea of integrating web forms with OnePageCRM (if you missed it just click here).

This time I will show you how to add Mailchimp to our ecosystem so you can start nurturing your leads and prospects as well as sending newsletters to the customers.

Your new ecosystem will have three parts to it:

  • OnePageCRM – sales pipeline and customer relations
  • Wufoo – lead generation and capture via web forms
  • Mailchimp – lead nurturing, newsletter communication
Lead Nurturing Infographic


I am assuming you’ve already set up OnePageCRM and Wufoo so now it’s time to sign up for a Mailchimp account (they have a free account for up to 2000 contacts) and create your first mailing list. The basic list in Mailchimp has 3 fields – First Name, Last Name, and Email but you can add as many fields as you want (they should reflect your web form – this way you will be able to segment that list for marketing purposes. But don’t worry – you can add more fields any time you want).

Once the list is created you need to connect the Wufoo form (the same one you connected to OnePageCRM) with Mailchimp to push leads into it.

“Double Opt-In: As with most email marketing applications, Mailchimp requires double opt-in confirmation for new subscribers (it means that each of your leads need to confirm signing up on your form). It’s required by law in some countries, makes our database clean, more valuable and communication more efficient.”

Let your information flow

Now after everything is set up, Wufoo will send the same information into OnePageCRM and into Mailchimp – you will have a lead database in OnePageCRM ready for your reps and another one in Mailchimp ready for your marketing people. You might ask – why do I need two databases?

Well, the thing is that in Mailchimp you will have only those people who have additionally agreed to get your newsletters – it might mean that list will be smaller but you do not want to annoy your prospective customer with unwanted marketing correspondence, right?

Nurturing your leads with Autoresponders

Now the fun part – in Mailchimp, you can create not only monthly newsletters but also something called an Autoresponder – newsletters you can send automatically in a predefined order, based on the data you gathered. For example – if you collected a birthday date you can send automated birthday wishes.

You can create a beginner’s guide that will be dispatched to all of the new users 1 day after they sign up, or even send automated, pre-set promotional emails (e.g every two weeks) to keep your customers interested in your products. This way the heavy-lifting part of your work/sales process might be automated and far more effective.

Not currently a OnePageCRM customer and interested in trialing this feature and more? Sign up for a 21-day free evaluation and see how our Next Action Sales method can help you get sales done!

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