email sync

Beta: Integrate your email client with OnePageCRM

Note: This is a Beta feature available for selected users. If you would like to join the Beta testing group, please get in touch at

Introducing an awesome new feature that will allow you to automatically store all contact emails in OnePageCRM via email sync. This includes both sent and received emails from your contacts within the CRM.

How it works?

The integration is really smart. We will only pull emails to and from contacts you already have in OnePageCRM. You do not want to share your private emails with your colleagues, right? If however, you receive an email from a new prospect you can easily create a new contact in OnePageCRM, using our Bcc Email Dropbox feature.

Enabling Email Sync

At the moment, OnePageCRM connects to Gmail or Google Apps email accounts as well as Hotmail, and any IMAP account ( e.g Yahoo, Apple iCloud or your business domain email account configured on your email client e.g. Outlook). However, if your email account is on an Exchange Server you might ask your IT administrator if it’s IMAP support is enabled – if yes, you can use it without any problems.

Remember that if you want to see other team members’ correspondence with a contact they will have to enable the integration on their accounts. Without it, only your correspondence will be visible in OnePageCRM. Note that for privacy reasons we do not pull correspondence sent / received prior to the moment you enabled the integration.

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