11 tips from a copywriter for writing a winning brochure

Brochures and flyers are often seen as “preparing the ground” for the sales harvest. But they can be expensive to produce and deliver, so they need to work well to be justified. My advice to all clients is: Consider it carefully before going ahead with anything of the sort. Ask yourself: do you really need a brochure at all? What are you trying to achieve? 1. Consider the alternatives Which is going to be more cost […]

OnePageCRM review: Maximise deals with the Next Action sales method

CEO of Penhire, Paul O’Connor, submitted the following stellar review which really captures the Next Action ethos behind OnePageCRM. So I’m using a new system for my contacts, my leads, my to-do list … hell, my conscience even! It’s taking the place of various other failed systems – other web apps, spreadsheets, pieces of paper, mental anguish. And, as with any new system, you work with it for a while, get a feel for it, […]
follow up

Follow this single rule and solve your cashflow problems

It’s just after mid-day and among a slew of other tasks; I’ve had to follow-up on about a dozen customers who owe us money. Some of them are only just due to pay, some are slightly overdue, and some are annoyingly way past the point at which my patience is guaranteed. Each one of them has received previous communications about their account from me. Be it an invoice with a note, a reminder, or a […]