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Not every pipeline is a smart one

Your Pipeline is a core sales forecasting tool and gives you a clear view of your expected revenue for the future.

We’ve created an interactive pipeline that gives you a unique view of your sales, helping you Predict, Motivate and Close more deals than ever before. Now you have the option to select from two different views in the pipeline: Kanban view and Forecast view.

Kanban view

Kanban pipeline

Use Kanban view to prioritize and monitor your active deals and move deals faster through your Pipeline stages!

Forecast view

Ideally Shaped Sales Funnel

If you’re performing well, your deals will look like a lopsided American football ball (or
Rugby ball), where the current month only has finalized deals (see Jun above), and new
deals have a lower probability (see Sep above).

Adding deals

As with all OnePageCRM aspects, we’ve kept the data entry and management to a minimum. Simple and intutitive screens right where you need them.

Easy Adding Deals

Deals are a great way to track forecasted revenue. Customize your deals by enabling commission, cost margins and custom fields.

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