Close more with OnePageCRM

Stay laser-focused on your KPIs, automate admin, follow up at exactly the right time,
and bring those sales home.

Stay focused on closing

Closing sales with OnePageCRM

Follow up with every lead

Our unique Next Action method pushes you to decide on the next best step for each contact the moment you complete the previous one. This way, we make sure you’ll keep following up until the sale is closed.

Remove distractions and focus on the tasks at hand

Get in the zone and focus on the tasks in front of you. With a simple toggle of the Focus Mode you can choose to display only the overdue, ASAP, and actions due for today and hide the rest.

Save time and reduce admin

Generate and send sales quotes in seconds

Quickly generate and send professionally looking proposals straight from your CRM. We’ll calculate the totals and automatically insert the quote into a ready-to-send email. It takes just 37 seconds to get from inquiry to quote!

Keep your bulk emails personal

When sending sales emails in bulk, you can customize each one of them so you never sound spammy. Save even more time by using pre-saved email templates and focus on closing!

Send sales quotes in OnePageCRM

Supercharge your email communication

Email tab in OnePageCRM

Keep all your sales emails in one hub

Only emails from OnePageCRM contacts make it through to the dedicated sales Email hub, so nothing distracts you from closing that sale. Thanks to the full email sync, you can receive, send, and reply to emails straight from the CRM and safely log them in the system.

Track email opens

Know exactly when and how many times a prospect has opened your sales email, so you can strike while the iron is hot and improve your chances for closing that deal.

Report like a pro

Generate custom reports in seconds

Build and save custom reports with your selected KPIs in a couple of clicks and get them automatically delivered to your inbox on a regular basis!

Record your sales wins and losses

Celebrate the deals you’ve won with the Pipeline Won column and learn from the deals you lost by recording the reasons for it.

Custom reports in OnePageCRM

Closing Sales with OnePageCRM
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Here’s how OnePageCRM helped them double their productivity, anchor the business, and take it to the next level!

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Perimeter Real Estate Scales Up by 50% Using OnePageCRM!

Richard Smith from Perimeter Real Estate needed a CRM to help him stay organized and on top of each follow up.

After only a few months of using OnePageCRM for closing sales, he quadrupled his lead to opportunity conversion and increased his close rate by an impressive 50%. Here’s how he did it.

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Sport Scope increases sales with OnePageCRM

Sport Scope: A Victorious 50% Increase in Sales

On a mission to provide high-quality results at Sport Scope, Dixie Siegler discovered that implementing a sales-focused CRM  was a game-changer for their business. 

After an extensive search, she found OnePageCRM and have seen incredible results: Sport Scope have doubled their sales and hugely improved their customer service.

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