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You can’t make your lead management swift enough

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Leads are doubtlessly one of the most important issues of the high-velocity sales industry and lead management should be the focus of all sales operations managers.

Anyone with a deal size under $25k can probably agree that finding, nurturing, qualifying, and converting leads is something that can’t get good enough. It makes sense to get an overview of your lead management process and how to improve it.

Improving lead response time

First of all, you have to make sure to shorten your response times. has done a great study showing that you essentially have to reply on the first day.

Visualising Lead Response Time to improve Lead management

Theoretically, this is not a hard thing to grasp, but practically just asking people to be faster won’t lead to anything. How should you “work smarter, not harder”.

Now it is time to work smarter, and there are two simple things we can do – prioritize leads and find where in the process they are stuck.

Prioritizing leads

New Leads ListAn easy thing to improve lead management is to help marketing and sales development representatives (SDRs) spend their time on the right leads. Knowing what lead sources are converting the best you should direct your SDRs to focus on them first. Also, you might want to add Lead Scoring, but the best might be custom parameters like if the lead’s email address is a “free address domain” (, @yahoo.*, etc) , company size, or title.

In OnePageCRM, you do that by creating a simple list with a filter and sorting it on relevancy.

Making sure leads don’t get stuck

Now your SDRs are responding and reaching out to the right leads, but the risk is that these golden eggs get stuck in the sales process. We recommend people to overview where leads lie still by mapping out their process:

Example lead paths from marketing to sales.
Example lead paths from marketing to sales.
Lead stuck in status

We can recommend having different statuses and people working inbound and outbound (or at least have a flag if the lead is generated by an SDR), but as most companies we’ve seen have one team and fewer statuses, let’s keep the example to that.

When you now know the bottlenecks and timing it is easy to create lists for the SDRs to revisit these leads. We use Cue Cards showing us what Leads have stuck in our different statuses with different thresholds – for example, two days in “Contacted” to make sure that nothing lingers here.

Are you improving lead management?

We believe in running your sales process with engineering precision so one of the most important questions is to figure out if your metrics are improving.

Lead leaderboard and metrics
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