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How can you make the most of your sales CRM? What does it mean to be a OnePageCRM Champion (and how can you become one)? What can you do differently to boost your sales and build client relationships that last? How can you get your team on the same page and ensure nothing slips through the cracks? What can you do to minimize admin and focus on sales?

Join the OnePageCRM Customer Success team and top industry experts for these on-demand and live webinars to find the answers and expand your knowledge and skills!

Upcoming OnePageCRM Webinars

Getting Started with OnePageCRM

When: LIVE Every Tuesday @ 12 pm EDT (New York) / 5 pm GMT+1 (Dublin, Ireland)

What’s it about: See OnePageCRM in action and get all your questions answered in a LIVE Q&A session.

Learn how to:

  • Make the best of OnePageCRM (and see if it’s a good fit for you).
  • Set up your account, import contacts, and bring your team on board.
  • Create deals, manage your Pipeline, forecast sales, and log activity.
  • Connect your email, set up templates, and send emails in bulk.
  • Generate leads in a click from any web page.
  • Integrate your favorite apps, and more!
Join OnePageCRM live webinar every Tuesday

Become a OnePageCRM Champion

Check out these pre-recorded webinars to learn how to make the most of OnePageCRM for a powerful boost to your sales.

Getting started with OnePageCRM

Duration: 30 min

What’s it about: If you haven’t had the chance to attend our live Getting Started webinar, play it back at your own speed!

Learn how to:

  • Create contacts or import them in bulk.
  • Log your sales activity.
  • Generate leads in a click from any web page with OnePageCRM Lead Clipper.
  • Connect your email and make the best use of templates and sending emails in bulk.
  • Create deals and manage your Pipeline.
  • Use statuses to set up your sales process, and more!

Start your free 21-day trial here:


Sales Over Coffee Webinar Series

Duration: 15 minutes each.

What’s it about: A 4-part webinar series covering the key topics of OnePageCRM to help power up your sales.

Learn how to:

  • Unlock the full power of OnePageCRM’s EMAIL HUB.
    Streamline your sales communication with full email sync and a dedicated email hub, send emails in bulk, create templates, track email opens, and more.
  • Manage your PIPELINE & REPORT like a pro.
    Track your deals through customized stages, forecast your wins, and learn from your losses. 
  • Sell together = sell more with TEAM COLLABORATION.
    Communicate and keep your team in sync from inside your sales CRM.
  • Accelerate your sales on the go with OnePageCRM’s IOS and ANDROID MOBILE APPs.
    Manage, follow up, and communicate with leads, log calls and notes, navigate to your next meeting, and keep your team in the loop, all while  being on the road . 
Sales Over Coffee OnePageCRM webinar series

Shift your Sales into High Gear with our AI-Powered Route Planner

Duration: 20 minutes.

What’s it about: See our On the Road app in action and get all your questions answered in a LIVE Q&A session.

Learn how to:

  • Plan efficiently to increase your sales.
  • Create routes with the On the Road App.
  • Combine the horsepower of our two mobile apps.
  • Speed dialer, and more!

Download the On the Road app! Available for Android and iOS.

Discover the power behind our Next Gen updates

Duration: 40 min

What’s it about: For this webinar, Carmel Granahan (Head of Customer Success at OnePageCRM) was joined by our CEO and founder Michael FitzGerald to have have a closer look at the new powerful Next Gen updates, like a dedicated sales email hub, mobile Business Card Scanner, and more—and the why’s behind them.

Learn more about:

  • Our new dedicated ‘Email’ area, where you can stay laser-focused on those sales follow-ups, track email opens, and more.
  • How Multiple Pipelines can help streamline your deal management and how to action those lagging deals.
  • Ways to manage your team more efficiently with Focused Users, User Groups, and Mandatory Fields.
  • What’s coming in 2021!

Start your free 21-day trial here:


Masterclass: Unleash the Full Power of OnePageCRM

Duration: 40 min

What’s it about: For this webinar, OnePageCRM is joined by GTD coach Margo Crawford from Wave Productivity to chat about the latest powerful features and smart hacks in OnePageCRM.

Learn how to:

  • Send lightning-fast sales quotes.
  • Get custom-made sales reports regularly delivered to your inbox.
  • Accelerate your lead qualification with the Split Pane view (and the story behind it).
  • Save time, be more productive, and close more deals with less effort!

Get on Track with OnePageCRM Android App

Duration: 20 minutes

What’s it about: Larry from our Customer Success team shows you the ropes of the OnePageCRM Android App.

Learn how to:

  • Harness the full power of OnePageCRM on the go.
  • Easily collaborate with your team.
  • Accelerate user adoption.
  • Become a time management ninja.

Download OnePageCRM Android app


Get on Track with OnePageCRM iOS App

Duration: 20 minutes

What’s it about: Join Carmel from our Customer Success team for an overview of the OnePageCRM iOS App and the ways it can help your sales.

Learn how to:

  • Rock your Next Action Sales on the go.
  • Collaborate with your team wherever you are.
  • Accelerate user adoption.
  • Become a time management wiz.

Download OnePageCRM iOS app


Sales Talks (with Industry Experts)

Email Marketing as Your Secret Sales Weapon

Duration: 40 min + Q&A

What’s it about: Carmel Granahan, Head of Customer Success at OnePageCRM, was joined by Danielle DeSarzant, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Tech Partnerships at Mailchimp to delve deeper into the world of email marketing and its secrets.

Learn how to:

  • How to align your sales and marketing teams for the greater good of your SMB.
  • Solve the most common (and tricky) email marketing problems.
  • Launch a successful marketing campaign (and accurately measure its results).
  • Set up a marketing flow from your web form to your CRM and market to your audience.
  • Claim back your precious time and become more productive with powerful automation tips, and more!


How to Adapt Your Team to the New Reality and Reinvent Sales

Duration: 1 hour

What’s it about: For this OnePageCRM webinar, we’ve invited Theresa J French, CEO at SellMark360, Tim Thyne, VP of Sales at Help Scout, and Dannielle Sakher, Senior Partner Manager at Zapier to share their insights, experience, and strategies for these challenging times.

Learn how to:

  • Build a strong team in a remote environment.
  • Understand and support your customers.
  • Find new ways to reach your prospects and re-evaluate your targets.
  • Seek and realize new business opportunities.

How to do Outbound Prospecting and Inbound Lead Gen

Duration: 50 min

What’s it about: The in’s and out’s of inbound and outbound prospecting from Neil Patel, founder of Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics & QuickSprout.

Learn how to:

  • Build a low-cost outsourced lead gen team.
  • Generate leads with high converting content.
  • Increase your traffic and click-through-rate on your site.
  • Master outbound cold email prospecting (with real examples).

Tackling GDPR, One Bite at a Time

Duration: 45 min + Q&A

What’s it about: Get a deeper understanding of GDPR and what it means to your business, as well as get a crash course on doing a legitimate interest assessment from Philipa Jane Farley, GDPR Data Protection and Privacy Specialist at ProPrivacy.

Learn how to:

  • Apply the overall GDPR principles to your business.
  • Use fields in OnePageCRM to implement better GDPR-compliant processes.
  • Accurately do a legitimate interest assessment.
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