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How to Adapt Your Team and Reinvent Sales

webinar on remote sales teams

It’s time to focus on nurturing a strong team that’s adjusting to going remote. To reinvent your approach to sales and support your customers. And to find new ways to reach your prospects and re-evaluate your targets.

We want to help you in the transition, so we’ve invited three of the top professionals to share their insights, experiences, and strategies for these times.

In this webinar, OnePageCRM is joined by Theresa J French, CEO at SellMark360, Tim Thyne, VP of Sales at Help Scout, and Dannielle Sakher, Senior Partner Manager at Zapier, to share their insights on building a strong sales organization in a remote environment.

Webinar agenda

  • Build a strong team in a remote environment.
  • Understand and support your customers.
  • Find new ways to reach your prospects and re-evaluate your sales targets.
  • Seek and realize new business opportunities.
Webinar Speakers
  • photo of Dannielle Sakher
    Dannielle Sakher
    Senior Partner Manager @ Zapier

  • photo of Tim Thyne
    Tim Thyne
    VP of Sales @ Help Scout

  • photo of Theresa J French
    Theresa J French
    CEO @ SellMark360

  • picture of Carmel Grahanan
    Carmel Grahanan
    Customer Success Expert @ OnePageCRM

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In just under one hour we'll explain how to effectively work with remote teams.

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Watch this webinar recording to get practical insights from three thought leaders and apply them in your business.
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