WEBINAR: How to Adapt Your Team and Reinvent Sales

In this webinar, OnePageCRM is joined by Theresa J French, CEO at SellMark360, Tim Thyne, VP of Sales at Help Scout, and Dannielle Sakher, Senior Partner Manager at Zapier, to share their insights on building a strong sales organization in a remote environment.


1 hour

Learn how

  • Build a strong team in a remote environment.
  • Understand and support your customers.
  • Find new ways to reach your prospects and re-evaluate your sales targets.
  • Seek and realize new business opportunities.


photo of Dannielle Sakher

Dannielle Sakher
Senior Partner Manager

photo of Tim Thyne

Tim Thyne
VP of Sales
Help Scout

photo of Theresa J French

Theresa J French

picture of Carmel Grahanan

Carmel Grahanan
Customer Success Expert

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