WEBINAR: Email Marketing as Your Secret Sales Weapon

In this webinar, OnePageCRM is joined by Danielle DeSarzant, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Tech Partnerships at Mailchimp, to delve deeper into the world of email marketing and its secrets.


40 minutes + Q&A

Learn how

  • Align your sales and marketing teams for the greater good of your small or medium-sized business.
  • Solve the most common (and tricky) email marketing problems.
  • Launch a successful marketing campaign (and accurately measure its results).
  • Set up a marketing flow from your web form to your CRM and market to your audience.
  • Claim back your precious time and become more productive with powerful automation tips, and more!


photo of Danielle DeSarzant

Danielle DeSarzant
Senior Product Marketing Manager

picture of Carmel Grahanan

Carmel Grahanan
Customer Success Expert

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