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RevGen Masterclass

The levers of Revenue Generation

revenue generation masterclass

We’ve partnered with several experts to uncover the secrets behind RevGen.

Join us for this 2-day free online Masterclass on September 27-28.

It’s an online gathering for entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants who are actively looking for ways to grow their revenue.


  • The role of Artificial Intelligence in sales
  • Three levers of revenue generation
  • Effective sales strategies for consultants and small businesses
  • Pricing models and sales strategies

The softer side of sales: 3 levers of Revenue Generation

On September 27th, we’ll discuss how to rapidly increase your revenue by applying advanced pricing, lead generation, and sales strategies.

AI-Powered Insights: Demystifying AI to elevate your sales strategy

On September 28th, we’ll discover how AI strategies can dramatically enhance your sales performance and bridge the gap between AI and your sales strategy.

Panelists & Speakers
  • nadine keller
    Nadine Keller
    Founder, Precision Sales Coaching

  • Tim Cakir
    Tim Cakir
    CEO, Taskdrive

  • Daniel Cross
    Daniel Cross
    Business Development Director,

  • Linda Knox
    Linda Knox
    Partner, Precision Sales Coaching

  • photo of Michael FitzGerald
    Michael FitzGerald
    CEO, OnePageCRM

  • annabelle
    Annabelle Hackett
    Partnerships Lead, OnePageCRM

calendar 27 & 28 September, Wed and Thur
On Wednesday, we'll talk about the softer side of sales and three levers of Revenue Generation and on Thursday, join us for the AI discussion around sales.
clock 10 a.m. (New York time) / 3 p.m. (Dublin time)
flag 1 hour
The 2-day masterclass series. 1-hour each.
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