WEBINAR: Tackling GDPR, One Bite at a Time

Get a deeper understanding of GDPR and what it means to your business, as well as get a crash course on doing a legitimate interest assessment from Philipa Jane Farley, GDPR Data Protection and Privacy Specialist at ProPrivacy.


45 min + Q&A

Learn how

  • Apply the overall GDPR principles to your business.
  • Use fields in OnePageCRM to implement better GDPR-compliant processes.
  • Accurately do a legitimate interest assessment.


This webinar is to be used as a point of reference and is not providing legal advice for any company to use in laws such as GDPR. It’s important you seek your own legal advice for your own specific business.



photo of Philipa Jane Farley

Philipa Jane Farley
GDPR Data Protection and Privacy Specialist

picture of Carmel Grahanan

Carmel Grahanan
Customer Success Expert

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