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Discover the Power Behind OnePageCRM’s Next Gen Updates

crm demo on new features

In this demo, our Customer Success Team is joined by OnePageCRM’s CEO to have a closer look at the new powerful Next Gen updates, like a dedicated sales email hub, mobile Business Card Scanner, and more—and the why’s behind them.

CRM Demo Agenda

  • Stay laser-focused on sales follow-ups, track email opens, and more in the new dedicated Email area.
  • Streamline your deal management and action-lagging deals with Multiple Pipelines.
  • Manage your sales team more efficiently with Focused Users, User Groups, and Mandatory Fields.

Note: If you want to learn more about the Next Gen updates, here’s a blog post from our CEO.

CRM Demo Presenters
  • photo of Michael FitzGerald
    Michael FitzGerald
    CEO @ OnePageCRM

  • picture of Carmel Grahanan
    Carmel Grahanan
    Customer Success Expert @ OnePageCRM

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OnePageCRM is introducing new features every year. Have a look at how we improved our system to meet the needs of modern small businesses.
crm demo on new features

Watch recording

Watch this CRM demo to learn about what makes OnePageCRM so powerful despite its simplicity.
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