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webinar on productivity with GTD

In this demo, OnePageCRM is joined by Getting Things Done (GTD) coach Margo Crawford from Wave Productivity to chat about the latest powerful features and smart hacks in OnePageCRM.

What if we told you that you could get a fully customized sales report waiting in your inbox every Monday morning, without the need to even log in to your CRM?? Or that a single button could help you qualify leads in a matter of minutes?

That’s right. This masterclass will reveal the hidden powers of OnePageCRM.

CRM Masterclass Agenda

This Masterclass is a must if you are

CRM Demo Presenters
  • photo of Margo Crawford
    Margo Crawford
    GTD Coach @ Wave Productivity

  • picture of Carmel Grahanan
    Carmel Grahanan
    Customer Success Expert @ OnePageCRM

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The Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity methodology inspired OnePageCRM's Next Action system. We look into how GTD principles contribute to our simple and powerful CRM tool.

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Watch this CRM masterclass to learn about how Getting Things Done (GTD) together with an action-focused CRM can power up your small business.
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