The right activities at the right time

Focusing and tracking activities are essential for pipeline management and meeting your organization's sales goals. The success of your team relies on knowing what are the important activities they need to focus on next and understanding what they did last.

  • Focus on the important Next Actions that really matter.
  • Ensure no lead or contact in your pipeline gets forgotten.
  • See and measure the activities needed to achieve your goals.
  • Turn sales into an easy to-do list.
  • Reminders and notifications for important activities.

Goals and Activities CRM

Activities that deliver on your goals.

A sales activity is an action to move a lead along your sales pipeline. Setting an activity should be described in clear and direct language. Starting with an action verb like contact, meet, send, schedule etc. to prompt direct action from your sales team. It is clear on what needs to be done by whom and when. And your sales team gets notified with timely reminders.
sales crm clear activities and goals

Clear and focused pipeline management.

Focusing on the activities that matter and have a direct impact on your pipeline results in a clear, focused high performing organisation. Goals are achieved when the right activities are completed.

Management, training and coaching

Projects and goals will always go off track so you and your sales reps need a way to spot this early and refocus on the activities that matter. Sales reporting of key activities allow your team to recognise this for themselves and for you to manage and coach your team to success.

Activities and goals in action

OnePageCRM prompts you to decide on the follow-up activity directly after completing the last. This is the time when you have the clearest perspective on the situation and what’s required next. Being proactive at his stage, will improve the quality of future actions, making them easier and more automatic to execute when the time comes.

Once you have decided on the next activity required to move the sale forward, you can write this into your diary on the date of proposed action. Once noted, you can then forget about that activity for the time being, freeing up your mind for other tasks.

Set Activities Reminder
Notifications and Reminders

Reminders and notifications

Of course, reminders and notifications are in place to drive prompt, direct action exactly when needed. Each day starts with an email of today's to-do list of the most important activities and desktop notifications remind you when they need to be done. Never again forget to follow up with a sales lead.

Integrations with various calendars such as: CRM activity calendar integrations

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