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Improve your workflow with new Add Call & Timeline updates

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At OnePageCRM, our mission is to help salespeople achieve zero admin. Checkout our recent timeline updates which makes adding call notes & recording stats even easier!

Add a Call

We’re constantly listening to customers and their business issues, and it seems OnePageCRM is being used a lot for processing lists of leads to see if they qualify. Essentially, lead qualification via a quick telephone call. Up to now, users have been taking a quick note to record that they made a call, but this is not that effective for mapping users success rate.


We’ve added the ability to “Add Call”. Similar to the Add Note button, Add Call lets you create a call-specific note for a contact – including the number called, date & time, but more importantly “the result of the call”.

The default values for call results are;

  • Conversation – Interested
  • Conversation – Not Interested
  • No Answer
  • Left Message

The great thing about this is that not only does a log of calls show for each contact, but you get to see stats on your hit rate in your Activity Stream!

See our video below:

Timeline Improvements

Your Timeline provides a history of all actions/activities completed for contact during your workflow. While this helps you understand more about your prospects, as the number of activities grows, it can start to look a little crowded. Our new Timeline (and Activity page) format puts greater emphasis on activities that play a bigger part in the nurturing process than others, separating them into what we call Major and Minor elements:

Major elements, shown larger, are;

  • Notes & Calls
  • Deals
  • New Next Actions

Everything else is then a Minor update and is shown in a smaller and lighter grey font. See an example below:


You can also delete Next Actions in your timeline, in case you’ve mistakenly marked it complete. See ‘A’ below:


Move Deals Between Contacts

We’ve all had contacts who have left their job or switched departments making them less relevant to a pending deal. When you have multiple contacts from the same company in your account, you may wish to move a deal from one to another. To use this feature you must make sure that contacts are in the same company.

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