The OnePageCRM and Sage Accounting integration helps turn every sales deal into an invoice

Connect your Sage Accounting account to OnePageCRM, the best action-focused sales CRM for small businesses. Easily automate routine tasks and focus on growing revenues.

How does OnePageCRM work with Sage Accounting?

In OnePageCRM, sales people can have all contact information and sales activities on one single page

Create invoices straight from within CRM

With the OnePageCRM and Sage Accounting integration, you can have a full view of your invoicing process while making the most of every contact in your CRM account. OnePageCRM will automatically pre-populate the invoice with the deal and contact information. It takes only a few clicks to create a professional-looking invoice and send it to your customers and partners.

Streamline sales and financial processes

The integration with Sage Accounting helps ensure that the financial details associated with your contacts are up-to-date and accurate. No need to manually compare data between different applications! You can view the saved copy of the invoice anytime from OnePageCRM or use a quick link to preview the invoice in Sage.

What does an action-focused sales CRM mean?

Action every contact in your CRM

OnePageCRM transforms the list of contacts into a simple to-do list. For example, you can assign specific tasks to every record and make sure that no contact sits idle in your CRM. With the Next Action sales method, OnePageCRM users always know what to do next.

Reduce admin and save time

OnePageCRM has multiple automation features: you can generate leads in a click, accelerate your workflow and automate repetitive tasks. This CRM was built for sales professionals and business owners who want to grow their business in an efficient and customer-centric way.

Action Stream allows sales people to transform their list of contacts into a simple to-do list

Why choose OnePageCRM for your business?

Accelerate lead generation

With OnePageCRM, you can effortlessly grow your contact base and also nurture existing relationships. Our sales CRM system has a two-way email sync and makes it easy to send personalized emails in bulk. On top of that, you can dial and WhatsApp your contacts straight from within CRM.

Set up an efficient sales pipeline

OnePageCRM has intuitive deal management functionality that works perfectly with your Sage account. You can create deals in a few clicks, customize your sales pipeline and easily find bottlenecks in your sales process.

Integrate with multiple apps

You can use several integrations to connect OnePageCRM with your favorite apps. Whether you want to build web forms faster, send quotes in less than 30 seconds or improve your customer service, OnePageCRM is here to help.

Run your business on the go

You don’t need to be in the office to keep growing your business. OnePageCRM has several mobile apps that you can use to keep selling on the go. For instance, we have a mobile CRM app (for both iOS and Android), an AI-powered route planner, and a business card scanner—all seamlessly connected to your CRM account.

Increase Sales with OnePageCRM

Arbonne increased lead generation by 30% using OnePageCRM

Arbonne Boosts Lead Generation by 30% per Month Using OnePageCRM

As an independent consultant, Diane Taub was looking for a new, improved system to accelerate the lead generation efforts of Airbonne International.

With OnePageCRM, she greatly improved her data organization, simplified her workflow, and boosted lead generation by 30%!

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Sport Scope uses OnePageCRM as personal CRM and increases sales by 50%

Sport Scope: A Victorious 50% Increase in Sales

On a mission to provide high-quality results at Sport Scope, Dixie Siegler discovered that implementing a sales-focused CRM  was a game-changer for their business. 

After an extensive search, she found OnePageCRM and have seen incredible results: Sport Scope has doubled their sales and hugely improved their customer service.

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Ex Ordo increases sales by 40% using OnePageCRM, an action-focused CRM software

Ex Ordo Ramps Up Sales by 40% Using OnePageCRM

With a growing customer base, Ex Ordo knew they had an opportunity to increase sales by converting more of their web traffic to leads through timely follow-ups.  

OnePageCRM has enabled them to implement a better sales process, become more organized, proactive and, as a result, increase sales by 40%!

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