Sage Accounting and OnePageCRM

Sage Accounting + OnePageCRM


Simplify your small business accounting needs by connecting Sage Accounting with OnePageCRM. Quickly create invoices & contacts from inside OnePageCRM and see a full view of your invoicing activities.


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    Sage Accounting is a flexible and easy-to-use online accounting software for SME's:
  • View your cashflow online
  • Easily manage your finances and create invoices
  • Connect with your bank account to import receipts and payments
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    OnePageCRM is a simple and effective sales CRM solution:
  • Focus on closing more sales
  • Collaborate with your team on tasks and deals
  • Connect your sales process with invoicing, communication and lead generation apps easily

How the integration works

Xero and OnePageCRM How it works

  • Integration: Connect Sage Accounting and OnePageCRM to streamline your invoicing process
  • Functionality: Create and edit contects in Sage Accounting plus create invoices from deals in OnePageCRM
  • Accessibility: Get a full picture of all your latest customer interactions and sales opportunities as contact and deal information can be easily found in Sage Accounting.

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