30 Days Round the UK with a Whiteboard, in a Motorhome, on a Mission to Shake Up Small Business.

Michael FitzGerald, Founder and CEO of OnePageCRM, sets off on a month-long road trip to deliver a bold message to SMEs, organisations, and politicians:  “Now, more than ever, it’s time for small business in the UK to think global”.

WHEN?  18 Sept > 18 Oct 2018.
WHERE?  The UK (follow the route).
WHO?  Michael FitzGerald, OnePageCRM customers, SMEs and politicians.
WHY?  It’s time for small business in the UK to think global.

Why Now

With a tiny domestic market of just 4.7 million, Irish entrepreneurs are forced to wake up thinking global — turning a perceived disadvantage, into an advantage. With the changes on the horizon, small business in the UK needs to follow suit — a strong UK means a strong Ireland and it’s up to SMEs to lead the way.

Quid Pro Quo – the Whiteboard Way

Starting on the 18th of September, Michael will cover the length and breadth of the UK. A natural sales and productivity master,  who thinks best in front of a whiteboard, Michael is offering to apply the principles he lives and works by to an issue at hand of the SME’s he meets with. In return, he seeks an opportunity to learn from everyone he connects with along the route.  

How It Works

The trip includes stops with customers, guest speaker slots at select business events, and further opportunities that may arise as the trip gains momentum.  

At each planned destination, Michael will sit down beside the key people and learn what drives them, what forms their sales process, and what gets in the way.

SMEs are encouraged to invite guests and local media to make the most of this unique road trip.

The Tour Support Team

Pay It Forward

In line with the OnePageCRM Power of Action Program, Michael will also be connecting with select programs along the route in a bid to boost one of the most deserving sectors of small business — charities.

About Michael FitzGerald

Michael is an inventor by nature, a design engineer by trade, a productivity master, and a natural mentor. Learn more about him here.

About the Motorhome

A trip this special needs the right vehicle. The Knaus C-Liner motorhome, Michael’s home for the next month, is almost unique. It is one of only two models that ever came into the UK — the other is sandwiched between Jamiroquai’s 100+ collection of supercars.
Find out all about the famous motorhome here.