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Streamline your lead generation process by integrating Unbounce with OnePageCRM. Easily create landing pages, get leads automatically added to the CRM and move them through your sales funnel more efficiently.

Manage your leads and action every contact with OnePageCRM.

Generate leads like a pro

  • Sync leads from embedded forms in your landing page to OnePageCRM.
  • Keep the momentum going by setting an automated follow-up email.
  • Automatically set statuses and tags for effective lead management.
  • Share the workload by assigning different team members to new leads coming from each landing page.

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What does an action-focused CRM mean?

OnePageCRM is the only action-focused CRM for small businesses. Built on Getting Things Done (GTD) principles, it transforms your database into a simple to-do list (we call it Action Stream).

Unbounce and an action-focused CRM are a powerful combo.

Set specific tasks next to every contact.

Start every day with clarity and focus.

Motivate yourself with the Target Widget.

Action Stream

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OnePageCRM transforms your database into an actionable to-do list with specific actions assigned to every contact.

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Introducing the newest addition to OnePageCRM’s integration partners – Unbounce, a great application that will make your lead generation efforts even more effective!

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce lets you build landing pages for your marketing campaigns in hours, not weeks. Their powerful drag & drop landing page builder lets you create pages without any help from a technical team. Moreover, Unbounce lets you A/B test your campaigns. Simply put your ideas (different colours, copy etc.) into a new landing page variation and your test is live and collecting real-time data.


How does it work with OnePageCRM?

Here’s where the magic happens. Once you enable and setup this integration (Apps > Apps and Integrations > Lead generation) all data submitted in a form you embedded into your landing page will go directly into your OnePageCRM account, complete with a predefined Next Action to a selected person in your team. Additionally, you can define a lead source that will be applied to these contacts (e.g. Google AdWords) so you’ll be able to track your conversion rate and define the most efficient communication channels. Check out the integration in action below.

Now it’s time for you to give it a try! Even better, Unbounce offers 30 days free trial. If you’ve any questions let us know at support@onepagecrm.com.

Not currently a OnePageCRM customer and interested in trialing this feature and more? Sign up for a 21-day free evaluation and see how our Next Action Sales method can help you get sales done!

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