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Work smarter by saving your contacts to Google Contacts in just-one-click

Our new save to Google Contacts integration allows you to quickly and easily add your contacts from OnePageCRM to Google Contacts in one-click.

We use apps and systems to help us work better, to become more organized and ultimately sell more! However, not having all the relevant information about your prospects in the one place, can cause frustration. Our new integration with Google Contacts will reduce this frustration and increase your businesses productivity.


How save to Google Contacts feature works?

By having your Google account connected to OnePageCRM, you can create contacts individually and in bulk to Contacts in your Google Contacts. An added bonus is you can make calls quickly and easily see incoming calls from your prospects on your mobile. This helps you stay organized, reduce admin and work smarter.


Benefits of Save to Google Contacts

Eliminate double entry in just-one-click

Eliminate the need for double data entry and reduce your workload by simply adding contacts from OnePageCRM to your Google Contacts. For example, if a new lead comes in via your website and is stored in OnePageCRM, open the lead and in one-click save it to Google Contacts. Simple. This prevents you wasting time copy and pasting, instead giving you the time to focus on the more important task of selling.


How to save a contact in Google Contacts from OnePageCRM

All the important information will be pushed such as name, address, phone numbers, email address, job title, company and even a profile picture if present in OnePageCRM. Additionally, background information will also be transferred and stored as a note. This is really handy if you want to see at a glance how you met your customers.


Contact view in Google Contacts


Increase Productivity with bulk save

Do you have 1000’s of customers contact data saved in your CRM? Become more efficient and save time by bulk selecting all the contacts you wish to transfer and simply click save to Google Contacts.

The powerful thing about bulk update is you can bulk update new or revised information you’ve added to previously added contacts. In some cases, you may need to add new phone numbers to customers but you want these new numbers to be reflected in both systems without having to manually do so. To ensure all information is up-to-date on both applications, just select the contacts in OnePageCRM and click save to Google Contacts again. Pushing this updated information is easy. Not only will these contacts new phone numbers be updated in Google Contacts but they will not be stored as duplicates. A cleaner more streamlined address book will allow you to stay focused on what really matters. Fewer clicks and less manual work, it’s a win-win!


Improve efficiency and have more control over your Google Contacts

This quick process to add to Google Contacts allows you to stay in control of what data you push over there. What often happens is that you may set  up a sync and it’s working away in the background, unknowing to you causing chaos in your address book. Bulk save is more efficient and a better way to save contacts.


Personalization with incoming caller ID

When it comes to selling, being personal is key. Sales reps can easily identify customers when calling on your mobile. If you are out of the office and you receive a call, customers details will show up on caller ID meaning you can start the conversation with a personal greeting.


Google Contacts stores contacts online, login to your google account and access customer details anywhere. For those sales reps who are on the move, you can now access customers phone numbers, addresses etc from your mobile. Never lose a contact again!


Having all contact information identical between your business apps is important for staying focused and increasing productivity. This one-click save to Google Contacts will not only reduce data entry but allow sales reps to focus on selling to customers and prospects rather than updating their contact information.


As with all our updates, we’re excited to hear how this improves your sales process. If you’ve any feedback, please tweet us @OnePageCRM, comment below or email me at


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