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50 killer sales tips for 2017

Attending sales events and conferences really is one of the best ways to keep informed about current market trends and opportunities. That said, if you were to attend every event throughout the year, well… there may not be much time left for selling! With this in mind, we’ve decided to do the groundwork for you, compiling our top sales tips from this year’s events to date.

1. Kyle Porter, CEO Salesloft – On sales culture

People, Processes, Technology – in that order. We need to have a more personalized approach to everything we do, the era of batch & blast is over.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author – on selling

Wake up every morning wanting to put yourself out of business.

3. Craig Rosenberg, Co-founder & Chief Analyst, TOPO – On account based everything

Account based everything is not tactical. It’s strategic, you need to map the process behind your sales.

4. Jacco van der Kooij, Founder of Winning by Design – On modern sales

Customers want a new experience. They don’t need to be sold to, they want to hear success stories.

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6. John Barrows, Owner j.barrows LLC – On building your prospecting engine

You get pushed to who you sound like.You have to sound like a CIO if you’re trying to get pushed to a CIO.

7. Jim Keenan,  Owner at A Sales Guy Inc. – On salespeople

We all know who the shitty salespeople are. Don’t be afraid to get rid of them.

8. Rob Jeppsen, Owner at HireVue – On modern sales

You gotta give people what they expect, and then a little more.

9. Jeffrey Hayzlett, Owner at CSuiteTV  – On senior executives

You’re going to make mistakes when talking to the C-Suite, no one’s going to die. Take the risk!

10. Brent Adamson, Author of The Challenger Customer & The Challenger Sale

Left to their own devices, the one thing your customers want to avoid is change.

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12. Rob Jeppsen, HireVue – on sales excuses

 Adults version of “My dog ate my homework” – “I don’t have time for this”.

13. John Spence – on smart prospecting

You want to talk to the people who make budgets not the people who have budgets.

14. Miles Austin – on working a team

Identify the people who are going to be negatively impacted by your solution and work with them.

15. Rob Jeppsen, HireVue – on modern sales

Common knowledge does not mean common practice.

16. Jack Kosakowski, Creation Agency – on sales strategy

Think strategically, how can I help them generate business, before asking for theirs.

17. Lesley Youngster – on running a sales team

Sales reps tend to relate to stories more than what a technology does. Tech is just an enabler of a process.

18. Mike Weinberg – on sales

Often, in sales, we become prisoners of hope. Stop hoping, open more opportunities.

19. Alice Heiman, Sales 2.0. – on leadership

A great leader must have a great mindset. Everything else follows from having a great mindset.

20. Brent Adamson, Author of The Challenger Customer & The Challenger Sale

Single decision-maker is extinct. How many people are involved in purchase decision?

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22. Derek Grant, VP of Sales at SalesLoft – On the Art of War for Sales

How Sun Tzu’s Art of War applies to Sales Development – Rule #1 be unconventional. It’s skill vs will.

23. Ralph Barsi, – on salespeople

Bring the best version of yourself to work everyday and you’ll never have to worry about succeeding.

24. Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author – On social selling

Social media is a slang term for the current state of the internet. Just because you didn’t grow up with it, doesn’t mean you can’t learn it.

25. Trish Bertuzzi, President & Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group – On the Sales Development Playbook

The 5 Whys of Sales – Why listen, why care, why change, why you, why now?

26.  Rob Forman, COO at SalesLoft – On sales analytics

You can win arguments with data. Which is why I am in the data game.

27.  Aaron Ross, Predictable Revenue – on entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are always frustrated, every single day. But they do something about it.

28. Grant CardoneCardone Training Technologies – on strategy

The second sale is the easiest, present new offers to previous buyers.

29.  Jon Ferrara – on sales strategy

If you teach people to fish, they’ll figure out that you sell fishing poles.

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31.  Lacey BellAdobe Systems – on B2B

Not personalizing your message is the biggest mistake you can make while selling to enterprise customers.

32.  Craig EliasTrigger Event Selling – on closing the sale

All decision makers listen to the same radio station – WIIFM. What’s In It For Me?

33. Juliana CrispoStartup Sales Bootcamp – on sales strategy

Have your buyer prioritize their pain points. Which would they choose if you could magically fix ONE today?

34. Aaron Ross, Predictable Revenue – on running a sales team

Making decisions for your employees robs them of ownership.

35.  Jill Rowley, Startup Advisor, Social Selling Evangelist – on prospecting

You need to lead with value – not with your company, credentials, awards, etc.

36. Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author – on salespeople

When you start caring more about your client than you do about your quota, you become a sales Jedi.

37.  Trish Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group Inc. – on sales tech

If you’re not going to use technology to make your process and people more effective, don’t buy them.

38. Richard HarrisHarris Consulting Group – on the sales pitch

You need to be able to paint a picture in a conversation. The lost art of sales is the storytelling side.

39. Juliana Crispo, Startup Sales Bootcamp – on the sales pitch

Leave the irrelevant features at home. Don’t think you have to overpitch, you don’t.

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41.  Craig EliasTrigger Event Selling – on prospecting

Adding a 2nd point of contact to a call doesn’t double, but TRIPLES your chance of closing an account.

42. Jacco van der Kooij, Founder of Winning by Design – On modern sales

Customers are changing the selling experience – you need to educate, not sell.

43. John Barrows, Owner j.barrows LLC – on sales tips

Don’t just share ebooks and webinars – advise what pages to check out or what minutes to watch.

44. Grant CardoneCardone Training Technologies – on sales strategy

Present numbers to your customers! 72% of salespeople never present figures to their customers.

45. Aaron Ross, Predictable Revenue – on entrepreneurship

Success comes from taking a risk, being uncomfortable. Ride the monster ride.

46. Ralph Barsi, – on salespeople

You can’t win if you don’t keep score.

47. Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist Salesforce – on company culture

The right size companies are the one that consistently deliver on their promise.

48. Jeffrey Hayzlett, – on senior executives

Types of personalities in the C-Suite: Analytical, Amiable, Drivers, Expressives.

49. Sean Kester,  VP Product Strategy at Salesloft – on new hires

New hires should train like an SDR, onboard like a customer success manager, and think like an owner.

50. Lesley Young,  Sales executive – on prospecting

Breakup emails were big 5 years ago, it’s out of style now.

And there we have it, our top sales tips from the expert keynote speakers who attended this year’s sales conferences. Feeling inspired?

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