Push leads from your website to OnePage CRM

wordpress-plugins We love our developer community who create things from our API. Using our open API, developers can create new tools that helps everyone so we are featuring a new plug-in for WordPress that enables lead capturing form for websites.

Dave Kelly and his company Ambient Age created a handy form that you can use on your website to capture a lead’s name, company, phone, email and a message. It sends it to your OnePage CRM account with a next action already associated with it, automating the process of collecting leads online. As we are an online CRM system in ‘the cloud’, it is great that developers can create these extensions that users will really love.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or @onepagecrm on Twitter.

Amendment 17/04/2015:

Ambient Age is no longer operating, but you can continue to collect leads and send them to your OnePageCRM account using Wufoo