The Social Selling issue

“Social selling is nothing new,” says Richard Harris in one of today’s featured posts. “It used to be called networking.” The difference is that you now you have a wealth of social media tools to help you network more effectively. Here are some good guides.

How to use Twitter for prospecting (Datafox blog): Everyone looks at tweets which mention them, so use Twitter to build rapport and tweet your email list.
Training Tips from A Sales Trainer Richard Harris says any AE who doesn’t know social selling, doesn’t know their job, but you need to focus on quality not quantity.
Social Media Works for B2B Sales (Harvard Business Review): Catch buyers early in their search by developing high-quality content and distributing it to them via social media.
Why Businesses Can’t Survive Without Social Media (Hootsuite Blog): What does social media and the internet have in common? Some people didn’t believe in it from the start.

Also, here’s a podcast with Brian Burns talking with Hampus Jakobsson at The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling about how technology enables us to do more.

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