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Top takeaways DMX Dublin 2017

This years DMX Dublin Summit took place in the fittingly agile and competitive setting of the Aviva Stadium. Incredible speakers took to the stage to share with us their expert insights and tips for the future of marketing.

For those not so lucky to have gotten their hands on a ticket, or haven’t yet mastered the skill of being in two places at once… Fear not, we’ve rounded up our top takeaways from the summit below!

1. Adam Morgan, Founder at Eatbigfish, on the Evolution of Challenger Brands

DMX Dublin

  • Challenger is a mindset, not a state of market.
  • What is the fresh perspective we are bringing to our category?
  • What’s the monster we need to communicate and elevate?
  • Challenge the what, not the who.
  • Are we challenging through ideology? Through x10 product differentiation? Or both?
  • Drama – it’s the currency of our distracted era and harnessing it is the key to cutting through the noise.
  • Drama engages emotionally and stimulates a response. We need to be more dramatic than we are.
  • We’re all drama junkies – what do we need to make our point of drama cut through?

[blockquote author=”” link=”” style=”” target=”_blank”]”You are not a marketer, you are a publisher”[/blockquote]

Steven Bartlett, CEO at Social Chain

2. Mark Earls, Herdmeister at HERD, on Copy, Copy, Copy

DMX Dublin


  • Humanity’s greatest hack – copy, copy, copy.
  • “The only art I’m interested in is the stuff I can steal from.” – David Bowie.
  • Incremental changes is what happens when we copy.
  • “Originality is for people with short memories.” – Grayson Perry.
  • Distract yourself from your trail of thought and come up with something new.


DMX Dublin
Copy, Copy, Copy


3. Peter Kim, VP of Digital Consumer Engagement at Lego on Modern DigitalDMX Dublin


  • How to make digital great again.
  • Digital – Do you remember your first?
  • Core – start with brand values to ensure relevance.
  • Content – cut through the clutter by appealing to consumer desire.
  • Community – work within your network to gain trusted referrals.

DMX Dublin

[blockquote author=”” link=”” style=”” target=”_blank”]”Does your site take longer than 3s to load? You’ve just lost 53% of your visitors.”[/blockquote]

 Sarah Jane Porter, Head of Performance & Export at Google

4. Michelle Goodall, Econsultancy, on Influencer Marketing

DMX Dublin

  • You have been influenced when you think in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise thought.
  • Focus on creating mutual value for all three parties: Advertiser – Influencer – Audience.
  • People trust ‘’people like us’’.
  • Who are you actually influencing?
  • Make it work for you. Pick 15-20 mid-tier influencers that have a niche market.
  • Your organisation is the sum of its parts – staff advocates.

Missed Michelle at DMX? Checkout her presentation slides here.

[blockquote author=”” link=”” style=”” target=”_blank”]”The things that were your strengths can quickly become your weakness”[/blockquote]

Farrah Storr, Editor at Cosmopolitan


DMX Dublin
James Kavanagh, Currabinny

5. Ross Mooney, Head of Brand, YouTube Ireland

DMX Dublin


  • Forget the mobile revolution, it’s already here and now. Look to the video revolution.
  • Over 80% of the world’s internet traffic will take place across video in 2019.
  • 40% of YouTube viewers in Ireland are over the age of 35.
  • You need to be across all platforms to drive your brand’s resonance.
  • 70% of the Irish millennial demographic use YouTube at least once a week.
  • Over 1 billion hours watched on YouTube per day – 50% on mobile.
  • Use video as a core platform for promoting your brand.

[blockquote author=”” link=”” style=”” target=”_blank”]Innovation = Creativity x Commercialisation[/blockquote]

Scott Morrison, Co-founder at Think Sprint


6. Cécile Nathan-Tilloy, MD at Edelman Intelligence on Consumer-Brand Relationships

DMX Dublin

  • Committed consumers will be there from the start and will bring new users.
  • 36% of Irish people are actively using tools to avoid online
    advertising. We need to innovate to earn our audience’s attention.
  • Active consumers are the hallmark of the Earned Brand.
  • The Irish consumer-brand relationship is faltering.
  • 48% of Irish people find it impossible to imagine having a ‘relationship’ with a brand.
  • Doing good should be part of a brands DNA.
  • 56% of Irish people feel not enough brands actively support a societal cause.
  • 51% will not buy if a brand fails to meet these societal obligations.

[blockquote author=”” link=”” style=”” target=”_blank”]”People will stop for great work, even Millennials!”[/blockquote]

Zara Flynn, MD at Guns or Knives

DMX Dublin

And that’s a wrap for our top takeaways from this years DMX Summit! We’ve added the links to the speakers full presentations below and we’ll keep it updated as more go online, so watch this space. A huge thank you to Colin Lewis and all the team at the Marketing Institute for getting us all under the one roof. Just one question… too soon for early bird tickets?

Speakers Presentations

Have we missed anything? Comment below with your top insights from #DMXDubin!

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