Sales Process OnePageCRM

How to track your sales process in OnePageCRM

Not sure of the steps involved in your sales process? Fear not, as this is a common obstacle in many SME’s. It’s critical to understand your customers journey and determine what key milestones are important. Go back to basics – pen and paper. Write down the key steps involved in converting your lead to a customer. We know not everyone falls into these exact steps, or moves along as quickly as they should, but in […]
OneLAW and OnePageCRM

OneLaw increases productivity and gains momentum using OnePageCRM

The management team at OneLaw (a legal practice management software company) believed there was a better way of streamlining their daily operations and decided to do a complete company-wide systems overhaul. It was during this process that the opportunity arose to try other CRM’s and the team jumped at the chance to try OnePageCRM. As OnePageCRM came highly recommended by a friend they were confident it would be a good match for their sales process. […]

5 lessons I learned from ex-Salesforce users

The availability and acceptance of SaaS model technologies, means that cloud apps, specifically cloud CRM apps, are big business. As the first to market, Salesforce maintains the majority share holding. However, the past 16 years have seen it languish in its position as top dog. What is it they say? Complacency is the enemy of empires. Here are the biggest failings of the Salesforce model according to our ex-Salesforce customers: 1. Full functionality comes at a […]

The 5 things you’re doing wrong in sales (And how to fix them)

As salespeople, time is our biggest asset and yet all too often, our time seems consumed by administrative and non-selling tasks. In fact, it’s been reported that just 39% of our time is spent selling or interacting with prospects and customers. In this post we’re looking at the five productivity draining tasks that are keeping us from getting sales done along with our top tips for eliminating them from your workflow for good. 1. Track […]