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Better visibility for “All” under Team Stream

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New multi flags will now display if multiple team members have an action(s) with a contact under the “All” filter on Team Stream.

We will also display the Next Action text of the most recent action due so that all team members can see at a glance what’s important – simple.

multi flag

In addition, if team members have “Queued” Actions created for a contact, we will display the message “Actions exist for this contact” regardless of whether you have a queued action or multiple team members have queued actions.

Actions in Team Stream

To summarise, here’s the order of actions under the “All” filter on Team Stream in OnePageCRM:

  1. In prime position is of course your Next Action
  2. Followed by any Queued Actions
  3. Then any actions which are closed / have closing comments
  4. And finally, any Contacts with no Next Action

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