How to Choose the Best CRM for Software Companies

Any coder knows, a good code is a clean code. The same rule applies to CRM software for IT companies. You don’t need an overly complicated, bulky system to slow you down and add to your list of tasks. The best CRM is fast, agile and simple. Don’t get us wrong — you do want it to pack a punch. Just with the features that actually help you sell. 

OnePageCRM is a sales CRM, focused on taking sales actions and building strong client relationships through consistent follow-ups. The moment you complete an action (make a call, schedule a demo, follow up on a trial, etc.), we push you to set the next one. This unique Next Action system is what helps your company always stay on track.

So, how can OnePageCRM make your software company more focused, productive and help you grow your business?  


Always know what needs to be done NEXT

Dermot Lally ExOrdo

“Every day, when I come in, I have my cuppa tea, open up OnePageCRM and find out my Next Actions for the day. As I go through the list, I tick them off one by one, and it gives me a great sense of accomplishment throughout the day.”

Dermot Lally

Head of Sales and Co-founder at Ex Ordo

Do you follow up on that large trial account? Or do you first arrange that private demo you promised? And what about renewing that maintenance contract? Having too many priorities at the same time means nothing gets done. OnePageCRM builds a priority list for you every day, so all you need to do is look at your Action Stream and start working from the top. 

Connect your database on your terms

We’ve built our CRM with software companies in mind. Because, well, we’re a tech company ourselves. We speak your language and know your needs because they are our needs as well. So we’re not going to go into any further explanation here. Two words — OnePageCRM API. Link, update, sync. You know your tech. We simply give you a solution for having things done your way. 

Quick onboarding: Dive right in

Doug Thomson Best CRM for Software companies

“Other CRM’s are much more complicated, you need a lot more in-house expertise to figure them out. OnePageCRM was an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution, and it suited us perfectly.”

Doug Thomson

Chief Architect at OneLaw

When implementing a new CRM, the last thing your software company needs is to waste time (and resources) on lengthy onboarding. With OnePageCRM, it can be done in exactly 3 steps.

1. Import your contacts with a click,

2. Set Next Actions with due dates,

3. Start from the contact on top of your Action Stream and get closing!

Pull up the CRM data you need when you need it

Siobhan Ogilvy Best CRM for Software Companies

“In a busy marketing team, I don’t have time to be building really complex reports. I want to be able to pull up the data I need fast and easily. I want to know where our leads are coming from and then correlate it with the demos that are being booked by our business development team. The filter function in OnePageCRM works perfectly for that!”

Siobhan Ogilvy

Marketing Director at TestReach

There’s no point in keeping all that contact data if you can’t get to it with a prospect waiting on the other end of the line. 

In OnePageCRM, a quick search will pull up a contact or organization you need, handy filters can help you get more complex data in a couple of clicks, and with custom reports, the insights you need get regularly delivered straight to your inbox! 

You hate admin. We do too

Your time is precious. Wouldn’t you rather spend it on developing a new feature for your software or giving a demo rather than on mind-numbing manual data entering? We thought so. 

Our CRM allows your software company to build deals and send sales quotes in seconds, automate your sales process with Saved Actions and automatically add social data to your contacts! What’s more, with OnePageCRM Chrome Extension, you can generate leads from anywhere on the web with a click

Empowering your best sales tool: Email

Ciara Crossan Best CRM for Software Companies

“What’s really fundamental for me is the email sync between Gmail and OnePageCRM. We know with certainty that all our emails are being synced, stored and logged. For me, that is a huge benefit of the system.”

Ciara Crossan

Founder & CEO at Wedding Dates

Most of the software company’s communication and work goes through email. Be it scheduling a demo, following up after a trial or getting user feedback. We don’t want to replace email — we want to enhance it!

In OnePageCRM, you can send emails straight from the app, create and use custom templates and send emails in bulk. No more hopping between the tabs or trying to pick up the thread of conversation on a project — it’s all logged in!

Top apps to manage your software company…in one place

What tools do you really need in a CRM for your software company’s success? Something to help generate leads, something to keep them all organised, something to build and nurture your client relationships and something to get those hard-earned contracts and get paid.

OnePageCRM brings them all together. We integrate with Email, Google Contacts, Wufoo, MailChimp, Help Scout, Xero, Zapier and many more

CRM Support for every step of the way

“I honestly don’t know how we could survive without OnePageCRM. We also love the excellent customer service we receive anytime we need help, not to mention the informative webinars and blog posts. I really feel like they want us to succeed.”

Karen Suhaka

Founder at LegiNation Inc

Our customer success team always goes the extra thousand miles when it comes to supporting our customers. We call where others would email. We jump on a screenshare where others would send a link to ‘Help’.

In other words, whatever issue your software company faces, our CRM support team is there to help. 

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