Choosing CRM for Manufacturing

Organize data about customers, suppliers and distributors, have better control over your processes, and boost sales with OnePageCRM, the action-focused CRM your manufacturing business deserves.

How to choose CRM software for manufacturing?

What is a manufacturing CRM?

Manufacturing CRM is a software system that helps businesses store and manage their interactions with current and potential customers, suppliers and distributors. When implemented correctly, this tool empowers manufacturers to provide better customer support, reduce manual data entries and identify new business opportunities.

The manufacturing business involves a lot of complex processes that are closely intertwined. But with OnePageCRM’s focus on taking action, you never lose sight of your targets and follow up with the right person at the right time.

Why is CRM important for manufacturers?

Getting a manufactured product into the consumer’s hands is not an easy task. To succeed, you need to factor in not only relationships with potential and existing clients, but also suppliers and retailers. On top of that, manufacturers need to accurately forecast demand and clearly understand requirements from all parties.

With OnePageCRM, you can have all important information at your fingertips, neatly organized and easily accessible. After all, the best manufacturing CRM should provide you with the focus and clarity that you need to make smart business decisions. And OnePageCRM is exactly that. Whether you are designing and manufacturing furniture, hardware, portable buildings—you name it!—our action-focused CRM is here to help.

CRM software for manufacturing business

Close more sales quickly with the Next Action philosophy

OnePageCRM makes it easy to see what stage every deal is in and how much it is worth

Set clear sales tasks and stay focused

Manufacturing is competitive, that’s why it’s important to take action. At OnePageCRM, we developed a CRM system with the Next Action™ philosophy at its very heart. For example, instead of simply storing your contacts, OnePageCRM transforms your sales process into a clear to-do list. It can also help you stay focused only on the most urgent tasks.

Maximize sales with pipeline management

OnePageCRM makes it easy to see what stage every deal is in and how much it is worth. With its drag-and-drop interface, you have total control over your sales pipeline: you can either drill into specific deals or have an overview of your entire process. And if you’ve been using an Excel spreadsheet before, you can easily import deals into OnePageCRM.

Use what works best for your manufacturing business

Build customer-centric processes

In manufacturing, you need to learn as much as possible about your customers to improve their experience with your organization. That’s why in OnePageCRM, a contact profile is much more than a storage of contact info. It’s the centerpiece of your sales process. You can log calls, save notes, add deals, and even store files. In other words, everything is in one place!

Tailor OnePageCRM to your business needs

Do you measure sales performance in units sold instead of deal revenues? No worries, OnePageCRM has your back: you can easily customize the system. And there’s a reason for this: you know best what works for your business, and OnePageCRM will support you along the way.

In OnePageCRM, a contact profile is the centerpiece of your sales process

Increase your productivity with sales automation

With OnePageCRM, you can accelerate your sales by automating repetitive tasks

Automate repetitive sales tasks in manufacturing

Manufacturing relies on repeat business. That’s why it’s not enough to have good customer relationships. To succeed, you also need smooth processes. But there’s no need to do everything manually. With OnePageCRM, you can send and build quotes in less than 30 seconds, automatically move leads through various stages, and much more!

Accelerate your sales

Whether you need to identify bottlenecks in your sales process, send personalized emails in bulk, or generate leads in a few clicks, OnePageCRM was built to let you focus on growing your business instead of dealing with admin work.

OnePageCRM for Manufacturing

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