Global Thinking

What Makes a Country Think Global

Global thinkers focus on the bigger picture or the grand scheme of things.  With a population of just 4.7 million in Ireland – just 0.06 % of the global population – Irish entrepreneurs are forced to think global. 

Ireland is a textbook example of a  “small open economy” country. It is dynamic, flexible, and responsive to global demand. As it happens, countries that are small and heavily engaged in international trade and capital flows have been dealing with globalization long before it became a buzzword. The maintained exports in turbulent times are a proof of that. 

Operating internationally opens up a range of opportunities and ideas that you may not have seen if you had been restricting your horizons. New customers, new solutions, new partners and new employee talent are the vital lifeblood of growing businesses, and they are all at our doorstep.

A strong UK means a strong Ireland

Given the role of technology in the modern economy, many services are delivered digitally. Not surprisingly, Irish firms which make more sales online are more likely to export.  

For an island economy, this route to foreign markets can and should be a game changer. With uncertain times ahead, the UK will need to become more outward-looking and think global. In Ireland, we understand the value of that— a strong UK means a strong Ireland.

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