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The 47 best sales books of all time

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Looking for expert advice across the areas of sales strategy, personal development, and motivation?

Whether you’re a relative rookie when it comes to the sales game or a seasoned professional, there’s a book, we compiled a list of 47 highly-rated sales books here for you.

We set a data analyst loose on the big sales communities of Reddit and Quora. After a huge data trawl of every post on those sites (the guy hasn’t slept in days!) he has pulled together the definitive list of the most recommended sales books of all time.

We’ve ranked our findings according to the number of recommendations, sentiment, and votes, with the numero 1 being awarded the accolade of (drum roll), ‘The Greatest Sales Book of All Time’.

Best Sales Books

  1. SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham
  2. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie
  3. Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson
  4. Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler
  5. To Sell is Human by Daniel H. Pink
  6. The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer
  7. Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff
  8. Go-Givers Sell More by Bob Burg and John David Mann
  9. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini
  10. Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
  11. How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger
  12. How to master the art of selling by Tom Hopkins
  13. Selling 101 by Zig Ziglar
  14. Mastery by Robert Greene
  15. Cold Calling Techniques by Stephan Schiffman
  16. Secrets of Question-Based Selling by Thomas Freese
  17. Ultimate Startup Guide To Outbound Sales by Steli Efti
  18. Influence: Science and Practice – The comic! by Robert B. Cialdini
  19. The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge
  20. Customer-Centered Selling by Robert Jolles
  21. Insight Selling by Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr
  22. Selling to Big Companies by Jill Konrath
  23. Go For No by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz
  24. Selling to VITO by Anthony Parinello
  25. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  26. The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer
  27. From Impossible to Inevitable by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemki
  28. Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar
  29. Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
  30. The 25 Habits of Highly Successful Sales People by Stephan Schiffman
  31. Sell or be Sold by Grant Cardone
  32. The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino
  33. The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey
  34. Snap Selling by Jill Konrath
  35. You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar by John Hayes, David H Sandler
  36. The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy
  37. Cold calling for chickens by Bob Etherington
  38. Ziglar on Selling: The Ultimate Handbook for the Complete Sales Professional by Zig Ziglar
  39. Mastering the Complex Sale by Jeff Thull
  40. The war of art by Steven Pressfield
  41. Integrity selling by Ron Willingham
  42. The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone
  43. The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism by Olivia Fox Cabane
  44. Strategic Selling by Strategic Selling
  45. Perfect Selling by Linda Richardson
  46. Smart Calling by Art Sobczak
  47. Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy
SPIN Selling sales book

Topic: Sales Strategy
Average reading time: 02:30
183 recommendations

1. SPIN Selling

Author: Neil Rackham

With wit and authority, Neil Rackham explains why traditional sales models don’t work for large sales.

With supreme clarity, he unfolds the enormously successful SPIN strategy, using real-world examples and informative cases. You may find the techniques controversial; they often go against the grain of conventional sales training.

“If you are in the business of larger dollar amount sales (i.e. not hawking cell phones at the local Verizon shop, but are in the business of solutions selling), these are the only two sales books you will ever need: Spin Selling & Spin Selling Fieldbook”

book on how to win friends and influence people

Topic: Personal development
Average reading time: 04:04
95 recommendations

2. How to win friends and influence people

Author: Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the first best-selling self-help books ever published.

Emphasizing the use of others’ egotistical tendencies to one’s advantage, Carnegie maintained that success could be found through charm, appreciation, and personality.

“How to Win Friends & Influence People It’s not quite a sales book, but it did teach me a lot about making good first impressions and building rapport with customers.”

sales book Challenger Sale

Topic: Sales Strategy
Average reading time: 03:24
94 recommendations

3. Challenger Sale

Author: Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

Based on an exhaustive study of thousands of sales reps across multiple industries and geographies, The Challenger Sale argues that classic relationship building is a losing approach, especially when it comes to selling complex, large-scale business-to-business solutions.

The authors’ study found that every sales rep in the world falls into one of five distinct profiles, and while all of these types of reps can deliver average sales performance, only one—the Challenger—delivers consistently high performance.

“I’ve read the Challenger Sale after it was given to me at a conference. Certainly a contrarian view to sales that is very very important to understand. Highly recommend it.”

sales book Predictable Revenue

Topic: Sales Strategy & Prospecting
Average reading time: 03:01
78 recommendations

4. Predictable Revenue

Author: Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler

Discover the outbound sales process that, in just a few years, helped add $100 million in recurring revenue to, almost doubling their enterprise growth… with zero cold calls.

“Discusses the Cold Calling 2.0 methodology. Basically, when doing cold outbound email, ask for a referral to the right person at the company who deals with xyz. No need to ever pick up the telephone for a cold call again!”

Maxwell Cole,
sales book To Sell is Human

Topic: Sales psychology
Average reading time: 03:51
62 recommendations

5. To Sell is Human

Author: Daniel H. Pink

Daniel Pink explains why extraverts don’t make the best salespeople, and shows how giving people an “off-ramp” for their actions can matter more than actually changing their minds.

Along the way, Pink describes the six successors to the elevator pitch, the three rules for understanding another’s perspective, the five frames that can make your message clearer and more persuasive, and much more.

“It depends on your experience level. If you’re brand new to sales, I would recommend starting with Daniel Pink’s To Sell Is Human to get a state of the union on the sales landscape.”

Robert Oswald
sales book The Little Red Book of Selling

Topic: Sales Strategy & Motivation
Average reading time: 03:07
59 recommendations

6. The Little Red Book of Selling

Author: Jeffrey Gitomer

Salespeople hate to read.

That’s why Little Red Book of Selling is short, sweet, and to the point. It’s packed with answers that people are searching for in order to help them make sales for the moment―and the rest of their lives.

“I bought the book because there are small nuggets of good information in it. I kept it because I know someday I will need motivation…. If you want motivation, read this book.”

sales book Pitch Anything

Topic: Sales Strategy
Average reading time: 03:24
52 recommendations

7. Pitch Anything

Author: Oren Klaff

According to Klaff, creating and presenting a great pitch isn’t an art―it’s a simple science.

Applying the latest findings in the field of neuroeconomics, while sharing eye-opening stories of his method in action, Klaff describes how the brain makes decisions and responds to pitches. With this information, you’ll remain in complete control of every stage of the pitch process.

“One of the best I’ve ever read about framing and pitching.”

sales book Go-Givers Sell More

Topic: Sales Strategy
Average reading time: 02:56
46 recommendations

8. Go-Givers Sell More

Author: Bob Burg and John David Mann

As Burg and Mann demonstrate, it’s far more productive (and satisfying) when salespeople think like Go-Givers.

This book is about selling by building relationships.

“Cultivate a trusting relationship and focus exclusively on creating value for the other person, say the authors, and great results will follow automatically.”

sales book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Topic: Personal development
Average reading time: 04:45
39 recommendations

9. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Author: Robert B. Cialdini

The classic book on persuasion, explains the psychology of why people say “yes”—and how to apply these understandings.

You’ll learn the six universal principles, how to use them to become a skilled persuader—and how to defend yourself against them.

“Fascinating and helps to focus our thoughts on how people think and how we can influence their thoughts.”

sales book Ultimate Sales Machine

Topic: Personal development
Average reading time: 04:45
39 recommendations

10. Ultimate Sales Machine

Author: Chet Holmes

The Ultimate Sales Machine shows you how to tune up and soup up virtually every part of your business by spending just an hour per week on each impact area you want to improve; sales, marketing, management, and more.

“This is more of a general business book that focuses on sales and marketing. It will teach you to be more strategic about how you do sales (i.e. it’s more than a numbers game)”.

sales book How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

Topic: Personal development
Average reading time: 02:43
38 recommendations

11. How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

Author: Frank Bettger

Bettger reveals his personal experiences and explains the foolproof principles that he developed and perfected.

He shares instructive anecdotes and step-by-step guidelines on how to develop the style, spirit, and presence of a winning salesperson. No matter what you sell, you will be more efficient and profitable—and more valuable to your company.

“A classic book on fundamental sales techniques that remains sound after 60 years”

Craig Matteson
sales book How to master the art of selling

Topic: Sales strategy
Average reading time: 05:53
36 recommendations

12. How to master the art of selling

Author: Tom Hopkins

Tom educates on how to succeed in sales, including new information on using the latest research techniques and using e-mail and online resources to generate deals more quickly and efficiently.

“Goes into the sales process and how to get people to say Yes.”

Wilson Peng,
sales book Selling 101

Topic: Psychology of persuasion
Average reading time: 01:53
35 recommendations

13. Selling 101

Author: Zig Ziglar

Here, in a short, compact, and concise format is the basics of how to persuade more people more effectively, more ethically, and more often.

“Selling 101 is for fundamentals”

sales book Mastery

Topic: Motivation & Personal development
Average reading time: 04:59
29 recommendations

14. Mastery

Author: Robert Greene

Mastery synthesizes the years of research Robert Greene conducted and demonstrates that the ultimate form of power is mastery itself.

By analyzing the lives of such past masters as Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Leonard da Vinci, as well as by interviewing nine contemporary masters Greene debunks our culture’s many myths about genius and distills the wisdom of the ages to reveal the secret to greatness.

“A book about what it takes to be that top 1% in whatever you do. It has steered my career decisions greatly. It’s not where you start, it’s where you end up.”

sales book Cold Calling Techniques

Topic: Sales calls
Average reading time: 02:16
26 recommendations

15. Cold Calling Techniques

Author: Stephan Schiffman

Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), provide you with all of the right tools for turning prospects into meetings, and meetings into big sales.

This easy-to-follow guide helps you beat today’s cold calling obstacles, such as voice mail, cell phones, and e-mail. Schiffman’s professional experience and corporate wisdom guarantee your future success.

“It’s a short read but I thought there was lots of actionable info at least if you’re in SaaS. Less philosophical BS and made up sales theories.”

sales book Secrets of Question-Based Selling

Topic: Sales strategy
Average reading time: 04:59
26 recommendations

16. Secrets of Question-Based Selling

Author: Thomas Freese

The Secrets of Question-Based Selling provides a step-by-step, easy-to-follow program that focuses specifically on sales effectiveness—identifying the strategies and techniques that will increase your probability of success.

“This book is really detailed on how to ask question after question in order to lead a customer down the right path to make a sale.”

Logan Staples
sales book Ultimate Startup Guide To Outbound Sales

Topic: B2B sales strategy & Entrepreneurship
Average reading time: N/A
23 recommendations

17. Ultimate Startup Guide To Outbound Sales

Author: Steli Efti

If you have no previous sales experience, this book can be your quickstart guide to B2B sales.

If you already have a sales background, you’ll find the step-by-step action guides, proven templates, and detailed strategies helpful to take your sales game to the next level.

“If you’ve read Predictable Revenue and want more specific advice on how to implement what Aaron shares in his book, you’ll love this. You get templates, scripts, scenarios of real sales situations and ready-made blueprints that you can directly implement into your sales practices.”

Steli Efti (Himself!)
sales book Influence: Science and Practice - The comic!

Topic: Philosophy of persuasion
Average reading time: 01:08
23 recommendations

18. Influence: Science and Practice – The comic!

Author: Robert B. Cialdini

In this graphic adaptation of his bestseller, Robert B. Cialdini becomes society’s best hope in combatting compliance professionals throughout the world.

He leads a team of special forces through a battleground filled with psychological sneak attacks designed to elicit pre-programmed responses from unknowing victims.

“A classic from the 1984, that applies to both service and product business professionals. Value: very useful for all marketing and sales specialists, but not only – anyone can benefit from learning what science says about persuading people. A lot of psychology here but it’s really pleasurable and easy to read. psychological however it’s not hard to read at all.”

Bartosz Majewski,
sales book The Sales Acceleration Formula

Topic: Data-driven sales
Average reading time: 03:10
19 recommendations

19. The Sales Acceleration Formula

Author: Mark Roberge

Use data, technology, and inbound selling to build a remarkable team and accelerate sales The Sales Acceleration Formula provides a scalable, predictable approach to growing revenue and building a winning sales team.

“Focused on ‘scaling’ sales and using inbound marketing to be more efficient at prospecting + qualifying, which are better indicators of whether you make the sale or not (more than how clever you are during a sales conversation). Because an educated prospect is a good prospect.”

Chiara Cokieng
sales book Customer Centered Selling

Topic: Inside sales
Average reading time: 05:26
16 recommendations

20. Customer-Centered Selling

Author: Robert Jolles

Customer-Centered Selling teaches the secrets of the world-famous Xerox sales training by reversing the conventional selling practices of searching for customer needs, pitching products, and adopting an order-taking mentality.

Jolles provides a systematic, repeatable, predictable approach that teaches how to anticipate and influence behavior by studying and understanding the client’s “Decision Cycle” and critical “Decision Points.”

“Rob Jolles teaches the importance of focusing on the customer and the customer’s needs rather than on the features of your product or service.”

David Jones
sales book Insight Selling

Topic: B2B sales strategy
Average reading time: 03:37
14 recommendations

21. Insight Selling

Author: Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr

Mike Schultz and John Doerr studied more than 700 business-to-business purchases made by buyers who represented a total of $3.1 billion in annual purchasing power. When they compared the winners to the second-place finishers, they found surprising results.

“Not only do sales winners sell differently, they sell radically differently than the second-place finishers.”

“First-rate book on how to sell when buyers are sophisticated and demanding.

Andrew Sobel
sales book Selling to Big Companies

Topic: B2B sales strategy
Average reading time: 03:51
13 recommendations

22. Selling to Big Companies

Author: Jill Konrath

Use these sure-fire strategies to crack into big accounts, shrink your sales cycle and close more business. Check out the Account Entry Toolkit for ideas on how to apply this process to your own unique business.

“When I bought the book I thought this was going to be like a “full course on how to sell to big companies”. After reading, it sounds more like “full course on how to start conversations with big companies”. And that’s fine. In the last three days I made about 10 contacts with corporate decision makers through LinkedIn InMail and got 6 responses. So, the book has already delivered results.

Cliente Amazon
sales book Go For No

Topic: Motivation
Average reading time: 01:08
13 recommendations

23. Go For No

Author: Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz

Through the dialogue of the two main characters, the authors have fashioned an entertaining story to present the key concepts essential to sales success. Readers learn what it takes to outperform 92% of the world’s salespeople and why it’s important to celebrate success and failure.

The book teaches how to get past failures quickly and move on and that the most empowering word in the world is not yes… it’s NO!

“Go For NO! helped me a lot with my mindset around rejection.

sales book selling to VITO

Topic: Prospecting
Average reading time: 03:37
13 recommendations

24. Selling to VITO

Author: Anthony Parinello

Selling to Vito contains all the tactics you need to get appointments with impossible-to-reach top decision-makers.

They, in fact, are the Very Important Top Officers (VITOs), the people with the ultimate veto power who hold the key to bigger commission checks, every sales award you could possibly win, and VITO to VITO referrals that you can take to the bank!

“Selling to VITO will give you a workable blueprint for effectively getting to the right person. I’ve tried it and I like the structured approach.

sales book Think and Grow Rich

Topic: Motivation
Average reading time: 05:53
13 recommendations

25. Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

This book conveys the experience of more than 500 men of great wealth, who began at scratch, with nothing to give in return for riches except thoughts, ideas and organized plans.

Here you have the entire philosophy of moneymaking, just as it was organized from the actual achievements of the most successful men in America in the first half of the 20th century.

“Think and grow rich is a great book, but can be kind of dry.

sales book Sales Bible

Topic: Sales Tactics
Average reading time: 04:32
13 recommendations

26. The Sales Bible

Author: Jeffrey Gitomer

Gitomer gives sales professionals the right answers to the toughest questions:

  • How to make sales in any economic environment
  • Twenty-five ways to get that most-elusive appointment
  • Top-down selling
  • How to fill the sales pipeline with prospects ready to buy
  • How to use the right questions to make more sales in half the time

“I tell everyone to start here.

sales book From Impossible to Inevitable

Topic: Sales Tactics
Average reading time: 04:32
12 recommendations

27. From Impossible to Inevitable

Author: Aaron Ross and Jason Lemki

There’s a template that the world’s fastest-growing companies follow to achieve and sustain much, much faster growth.

From Impossible to Inevitable details the hypergrowth playbook of companies like the record-breaking Zenefits,, and EchoSign—aka Adobe Document Services—(which catapulted from $0 to $144 million in seven years).

“Basically a second part of Predictable Revenue. Really Good Stuff about growth, handling it, strategies and tactics connected to it.

Bartosz Majewski,
sales book Secrets of Closing the Sale

Topic: Motivation
Average reading time: 06:07
12 recommendations

28. Secrets of Closing the Sale

Author: Zig Ziglar

Doctors, housewives, ministers, parents, teachers … everyone has to “sell” their ideas and themselves to be successful.

This new guide by America’s #1 professional in the art of persuasion focuses on the most essential part of the sale—how to make them say “Yes, I will!”

“…as I was 2/3rd’s of the way finished, I realized that I have experienced several objections. Most of which I had accepted as reasons to move on. Through this book, I have learned that all sales people experience objections, and that it is the savvy salesperson who responds to those objections as though she is a guide, leading her prospect towards her solutions.”

Bartosz Majewski,
sales book Made to Stick

Topic: Communication Strategic Planning
Average reading time: 04:07
12 recommendations

29. Made to Stick

Author: Chip Heath and Dan Heath

The brothers Heath reveal the anatomy of ideas that stick and explain ways to make ideas stickier, such as applying the “human scale principle,” using the “Velcro Theory of Memory,” and creating “curiosity gaps.”

In this indispensable guide, we discover that sticky messages of all kinds–from the infamous “kidney theft ring” hoax to a coach’s lessons on sportsmanship to a vision for a new product at Sony–draw their power from the same six traits.”

“With an entertaining blend of case studies and startling research, the Heath brothers lay out the critical elements of a sticky idea.”

Brad Shorr
sales book The 25 Habits of Highly Successful Sales People

Topic: Motivation & Personal development
Average reading time: 01:48
12 recommendations

30. The 25 Habits of Highly Successful Sales People

Author: Stephan Schiffman

Learn how to convert leads to sales, motivate yourself and motivate others, give killer presentations, and keep your sense of humor.

“This has more detailed tips that are pertinent to B2B long cycle salesmen, and I found it to be quite comprehensive and helpful. I made an outline of it and read through it every few weeks or whenever I feel like I’m in a slump.”

sales book Sell or be Sold

Topic: Psychology of selling
Average reading time: 02:50
11 recommendations

31. Sell or be Sold

Author: Grant Cardone

In Sell or Be Sold, Cardone breaks down the techniques and approaches necessary to master the art of selling in any avenue. You will learn how to handle rejection, turn around negative situations, shorten sales cycles, and guarantee yourself greatness. Cardone will also teach you the success essentials of selling in a bad economy.

“It describes the mindset, level of energy, and the cardinal rules you need to be successful in sales. He also explains the sales process in detail and gives specific examples of how you should deal with certain situations.”

sales book The Greatest Salesman in the World

Topic: Motivation & Philosophy
Average reading time: 01:48
10 recommendations

32. The Greatest Salesman in the World

Author: Og Mandino

The Greatest Salesman in the World is a book, written by Og Mandino, that serves as a guide to a philosophy of salesmanship, and success, telling the story of Hafid, a poor camel boy who achieves a life of abundance.

“If you are looking for fancy smancy selling techniques, look elsewhere. This is not about technique, it is about the habits; the character that makes up a great salesman.”

Tony DeFrancisco
sales book The 7 habits of highly effective people

Topic: Personal development
Average reading time: 06:07
10 recommendations

33. The 7 habits of highly effective people

Author: Stephen R. Covey

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen R. Covey presents a holistic, integrated, principle-centered approach to solving personal and professional problems.

With penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes, Covey reveals a step-by-step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, service, and human dignity–principles that give us the security to adapt to change and the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.

“It advocates a train of thought of how to bring anyone on board, and be at peace those times when you can’t… But try again another time.

sales book Snap Selling

Topic: Sales Strategy
Average reading time: 04:32
10 recommendations

34. Snap Selling

Author: Jill Konrath

Internationally recognized sales strategist Jill Konrath shows how to overcome customer hesitation to get more appointments, speed up decisions, and win sales.

Drawing on her years of selling experience, as well as the stories of other successful sellers, she offers four SNAP rules:

Keep It Simple. Be iNvaluable. Always Align. Raise Priorities.

“Being that you are selling SaaS there will need to be multiple stakeholders involved in the conversation. Jill Konrath really does a good job at conveying that people are “crazy busy” and you need to get to the point and make the point relevant to the individual.”

Michael Daharsh
sales book You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar

Topic: Sales tactics
Average reading time: 04:04
10 recommendations

35. You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar

Author: John Hayes, David H Sandler

Contrary to popular sales training, you don’t have to make presentations to everyone who will listen. You don’t have to be subservient, forfeit your self-respect, or fake enthusiasm about your product or service. In fact, you don’t have to be enthusiastic at all. And, you never have to lie!

Prospects never control anyone who has mastered David Sandler’s revolutionary 7-step program for top sales. In You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar, you learn to master each of the fundamental principles of the Sandler Selling System – and how and when to use them.

“I took Sandler for two years. I loved it then and still find the methodology extremely effective today. You could start with David Sandler’s book “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bicycle at a Seminar” and then move to taking the classes if you like the material.”

sales book The Psychology of Selling

Topic: Sales strategy
Average reading time: 03:24
9 recommendations

36. The Psychology of Selling

Author: Brian Tracy

The purpose of this book is to give you a series of ideas, methods, strategies, and techniques that you can use immediately to make more sales, faster and easier than ever before.

“Tracy is more into the consultative approach although he uses some of the tried and proven closing techniques that sales professionals use. What impressed me about Tracy is that he speaks from experience having been selling since he was ten years old. He has taught more than 500,000 students in over 500 companies. Like Tom Hopkins, he has walked the walk, talks the talk and is one great trainer as well.

Tony DeFrancisco
sales book Cold calling for chickens

Topic: Sales calls
Average reading time: 02:16
9 recommendations

37. Cold calling for chickens

Author: Bob Etherington

“Cold calling” – making contact with strangers – is the biggest fear confronting businesspeople, especially those who work in sales and marketing.

This book, based on a very successive course given to thousands of people, shows the art and science of making first contact with complete strangers. The secret is in the preparation and approach, rather than having the gift of the gab, that will enable even yellow-bellied chickens to make that call with confidence.

“I used a book called ‘cold calling for chickens’ to dramatically help my sales team of 4 people. It wasn’t that it helped them with phone calls, it made them much more prepared and structured. Made them all read it over the course of a weekend. Worked.

sales book Ziglar on Selling

Topic: Personal development
Average reading time: 05:12
9 recommendations

38. Ziglar on Selling: The Ultimate Handbook for the Complete Sales Professional

Author: Zig Ziglar

How do you succeed in the profession of selling while also maintaining your sanity, avoiding ulcers and heart attacks, continuing in a good relationship with your spouse and children, meeting your financial obligations, and preparing for those ”golden years”, and still have a moment you can call your own?

Zig Ziglar shows you how.

“Zig Ziglar is the man. I love his stuff.

sales book Mastering the Complex Sale

Topic: Cross-selling & B2B sales strategy
Average reading time: 04:18
7 recommendations

39. Mastering the Complex Sale

Author: Jeff Thull

If you specialize in complex sales, and business-to-business transactions that involve multiple decisions made by multiple people from multiple perspectives, this is the book for you!

It presents The Prime Process—a diagnostic, customer-centered approach that clearly sets you apart from your competition and positions you with respect and credibility as a valued and trusted advisor. If the stakes are high and you’re expected to win, this book will give you the edge you’ve been looking for.

“A must have for if you are the complex sales marketplace. This set ( Mastering , The Prime Solution, Exceptional Sales) of books which detail the Complex Sale process from the point of view of delivering value, are easily the most completely thought out approach I have read to date on selling value.

Reg Nordman
sales book The war of art

Topic: Personal development
Average reading time: 02:41
7 recommendations

40. The war of art

Author: Steven Pressfield

A succinct, engaging, and practical guide for succeeding in any creative sphere, The War of Art is nothing less than Sun-Tzu for the soul.

The War of Art emphasizes the resolve needed to recognize and overcome the obstacles of ambition and then effectively shows how to reach the highest level of creative discipline.

“About fulfilling your purpose and not getting distracted by bullshit.

sales book Integrity selling

Topic: Relationship selling
Average reading time: 02:58
7 recommendations

41. Integrity selling

Author: Ron Willingham

If you’ve tried manipulative, self-focused selling techniques that demean you and your customer, if you’ve ever wondered if selling could be more than just talking people into buying, then Integrity Selling for the 21st Century is the book for you.

Its concept is simple: Only by getting to know your customers and their needs — and believing that you can meet those needs — will you enjoy relationships with customers built on trust and reap the rewards of high sales.

“Gives good practical advice about how to properly execute a sale as well as a dose of conceptual/philosophical discourse on ethical salesmanship. Willingham’s approach is very consultative which makes a great contrast to the Zig Ziglar style hype-motivation that characterizes most popular sales lit.”

sales book The 10X Rule

Topic: Motivation
Average reading time: 03:24
7 recommendations

42. The 10X Rule

Author: Grant Cardone

While most people operate with only three degrees of action-no action, retreat, or normal action-if you’re after big goals, and you don’t want to settle for the ordinary.

To reach the next level, you must understand the coveted 4th degree of action. This 4th degree, also known as the 10 X Rule, is the level of action that guarantees companies and individuals realize their goals and dreams.

“About what it’s going to take to be successful in business and life in general.”

sales book The Charisma Myth

Topic: Personal development
Average reading time: 03:51
7 recommendations

43. The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

Author: Olivia Fox Cabane

The charisma myth is the idea that charisma is a fundamental, inborn quality—you either have it (Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, Oprah) or you don’t.

But that’s simply not true, as Olivia Fox Cabane reveals. Charismatic behaviors can be learned and perfected by anyone.

“Pleasantly surprised so far. It reads like an academic approach to the subject matter rather than self-help drivel.”

sales book Strategic Selling

Topic: Sales strategy
Average reading time: 06:20
6 recommendations

44. Strategic Selling

Author: Robert B. Miller

Rejecting manipulative tactics and emphasizing “process”, Strategic Selling presented the idea of selling as a joint venture and introduced the decade’s most influential concept, Win-Win.

The response to Win-Win was immediate, and it helped to turn Miller Heiman, the small company that created Strategic Selling, into a global leader in sales and development with the most prestigious client list in the industry.

Strategic Selling is a valuable book, especially for those of us who are not “salesmen” in the classic sense, but have to operate in the Complex Sales environment. Consultants and Client Relationship Managers will find it especially valuable.”

sales book Perfect Selling

Topic: Sales calls
Average reading time: 02:56
6 recommendations

45. Perfect Selling

Author: Linda Richardson

Meet your sales objective and close more business in 20 minutes a day

CONNECT with your customer immediately
EXPLORE customer needs thoroughly and quickly
LEVERAGE your solutions persuasively
RESOLVE your customer’s questions and objections confidently
ACT when the time is right.

“I was looking for a book that gave me the foundations of a selling pitch and how to manage my prospects. That is exactly what I found here; this book goes straight to the point, is highly practical and you can definitely apply this framework in the real world. For me was without a doubt, a highly valuable (and fast) reading.

Cristian Guajardo Garcia
sales book Smart Calling

Topic: Sales calls
Average reading time: 03:37
6 recommendations

46. Smart Calling

Author: Art Sobczak

Proven techniques to master the art of the cold call Cold calling is not only one of the fastest and most profitable ways to initiate a new sales contact and build business; it’s also one of the most dreaded—for the salesperson and the recipient.

Smart Calling has the solution: Art Sobczak’s proven, never-experience-rejection-again system.

“Lots of information about exactly what you’re doing as a salesperson, how to properly phrase your calls and building rapport.

sales book Advanced Selling Strategies

Topic: Personal development & Inside sales
Average reading time: 06:04
3 recommendations

47. Advanced Selling Strategies

Author: Brian Tracy

Advanced Selling Strategies provides you with the techniques and tools used by top salespeople in every industry—methods that net immediate and spectacular results. This book explains how to:

  • Develop the self-image to give you the edge in every sales situation
  • Concentrate on the customer’s emotional factors to ensure better sales results
  • Identify your customer’s most pressing concerns and position your product or service to fill those needs

“It helped me when I first started out, but it wouldn’t give much to someone with more than 2-3 years’ experience. It has some useful advice and a lot of motivation.


Infographic: Top 20 Sales Books of All Time

Out of 47 sales books listed above, we’ve compiled the top 20 books into a handy, sharing infographic, which you can embed on your website. Check it out below.

infographic on the most recommended sales books

Note. This list was first published on September 21, 2016 and was updated for relevance in May 2023.

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