Choosing CRM for Financial Services

Streamline your processes, increase sales and improve your sales performance in financial services. With OnePageCRM, it’s easy to build trust with your clients and grow your business. It’s the only CRM focused on taking sales actions.

Deliver personalized services

In OnePageCRM, all contact information is stored in one place

Maintain a high level of engagement

In financial services, meeting customer expectations can be a real challenge. That’s why it’s so important to take a tailored approach to every client and prospect.

With OnePageCRM, you can add call results, leave notes, and keep all relevant information on just one page.

Exceed expectations

OnePageCRM helps you put your customer at the center of your business and not only meet their expectations but also exceed them. Learn more

Automate and reduce manual data entry

Use pre-built actions

You can set tasks for each contact—we call them Next Actions. But if you’ve already found a perfect sequence of tasks, you don’t need to manually input them every time.

You can save the task sequence in your OnePageCRM account and easily use it when needed.

Generate leads in a click

With Lead Clipper, you can capture leads from any web page in just one click. They’ll be instantly added as contacts to your OnePageCRM account.

You can save a task sequence in your OnePageCRM account and use it when needed

Keep your data safe and secure

OnePageCRM stores data on industry-leading data centers and uses world-class encryption

Tighten up your data security

We store your data on industry-leading Amazon data centers and use encryption that is similar to the one in online banking. Learn more

Keep everything in one place

Whether you need to align your sales and accounting or handle taxes, you can do it straight from within OnePageCRM without switching between different systems. For example, we have integrations with Xero and Sage Accounting. And you can find even more integrations here.

OnePageCRM for Financial Services

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