Manage larger companies with new Account View

Today marks a milestone in the OnePageCRM development roadmap. After months of careful consideration, coding and bug-fixing we launch our new and improved UX and Account View.

OnePageCRM Account View

With the new Account View you can focus on the company first, with a separate description and company-wide custom fields. In typical OnePageCRM fashion, we’ve further simplified the sale process by bringing your prospecting tools into the CRM. Conduct further research on companies by searching via Duedil, LinkedIn, Hoover, Google and Facebook.

Finally, with the addition of our ‘Linked Contacts’ you can now link external contacts to a company in the CRM; ideal when you have multiple parties involved in the decision making process for a deal.

Take a look below at the new Account View in action:


  • New Research menu: Perform deep research on key contacts using Hoover, DueDil, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Company description field: Specific information on the company, not just the individual contacts.
  • Company-wide custom fields: Now custom fields can be applied to companies.
  • Linking contacts: Link contacts to the account view that are related to the sale but not part of the prospect company.
  • Contact / Company switcher: Switch quickly between Account view and your individual contacts within the company.
  • Enhanced A-Z Contact list: See all contacts within an company at a glance.
  • Bulk updates: Apply bulk updates to companies, not just contacts.
  • Status Sync: The Status of contacts within an account are not in sync by default, you can enable this feature if you wish.

At OnePageCRM, we are constantly looking to  improve our system in line with our customers growing business needs. The launch of the new Account View marks the first of many great updates due for roll out this year. To learn more and contribute to our Development Roadmap click here. 

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